Diablo 3… Yeah, it is that good

So let’s just lay it all out there and get it over with. I am a true Blizzard fan boy… I played Diablo 2 from when it first came out in 2000, played through the first Starcraft in the early 2000’s, hopped on the WoW band wagon about 6 months after release and here we are 8 years later (holy hell), to the release of the third installation of Diablo.

I will tell you right now that Blizzard had every opportunity to screw this up because of the time frame since Diablo 2, and because of the enormous following they have from Warcraft. Love or hate the games, Blizzard has grown to be one of the most recognized and respected video game companies in the world. They have not only made three of the most popular games worldwide, but they redefined each genre for every other gaming company. When you have THAT kind of expectation going into a game people, and something people have been looking forward to for 12 years, there is a lot at stake. Now, I could go on and paint a pretty picture and bring it all around in a happy story, but, because I want to get to get to the actual review of the game. Needless to say Blizzard wins once again.

This has always been sort of a staple of Diablo games. You are essentially a one man army against the forces of hell and are fighting in a battle to, essentially, save the world. This aspect of the game remains as pure and straight forward as ever and even though it’s wrapped in beautiful graphics, amazing cinematics, and an awesome story, the fact remains that you are a one man wrecking crew with a beef against the Devil, and you plan to give him his due. The action starts right at the start of the game, and continues to escalate all the way until the bitter end when you fight Diablo himself. The scaling of the game, in my opinion, is perfect because right from the start you can feel the impact of each blow and that feeling sticks with you every step of the way.

This, I feel, has become sort of a specialty of Blizzards. From when WoW was released in 2004 all the way until the current game you can find MILLIONS of threads and people talking, complaining, whining, about how classes needed to be balanced to make the game a better experience. Listen, it’s not my fault you chose to try and dps as a Paladin… you should have made a mage or a rogue like the rest of us. Sorry that’s neither here nor there. Well, because of that, Blizzard spent 8 years fine tuning and balancing classes in every aspect of the game to make it as enjoyable as possible for all 14 million players, and that fact rings true in Diablo. Every class play style is VERY different from the others. Although there are only 5 classes (Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Wizard, and Witch Doctor), each class has TONS of different spec and build options to constantly be making changes to their class based on need. There are AoE builds, single target builds, defensive builds, offensive builds… and EACH one has a solid place in the game. There are no skills that are useless, no classes that don’t match up. No matter your play style or preference the game not only has a place for you but has balanced it out to make it always feel enjoyable.

This is a huge aspect of the game that I don’t want to say was lacking in the previous Diablo games, but because of the restrictions of graphics and space there was only so much they could do to make the game awesome. Diablo 3 however, takes the story of the past games, brings it all together, has it all make sense, and lays out a story for you that is both intriguing and fun. The characters serve purpose, there is emotion wrapped in the game which is fairly difficult to do in a platform of this type, as well as awesome cut scenes and FMV’s. I don’t want to give anything away but from act 3 forward you almost feel like the game is a full sprint to the end and it doesn’t let you down in the slightest. Every aspect of revenge is sweet, every kill feels important, and every boss you take down is a triumph worth celebrating.

This is the final aspect and possibly one of the most important. Other Diablo games had Normal, Nightmare and Hell modes. It was essentially the same game 3 times but it got far more difficult as you went along. Mobs hit harder, had immunities, so you had to tweak your play style to accompany the difficulty level. Well, things are no different in this Diablo game except they added a fourth difficulty level… Inferno. A quote from a Blizzard employee was this… “We had hundreds of testers play Inferno mode for weeks until they felt as though it was sufficiently more difficult than Hell mode and they were barely scraping by the difficulty, then we doubled it.” Blizzard understands that as good as their employees may be, there will always be people out there with higher skill levels, and they wanted to create a game that supported that challenge. I personally look forward to crawling up in the fetal position and crying myself to sleep because the game feels impossible at times. Let’s face it, if a game is too easy and poses no challenge, not only is it NOT fun but you lose interest VERY quickly. People always need to be pushed because the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

I know this post is fairly long so I will wrap it up and just tell you that you need to buy the game. If you enjoy being an army of one, tearing through the forces of evil with a barrage of awesome moves that make you feel like a super hero, then this game will suit you just fine. Trust me, it will be very worth your time.

While you were working, I bought, played, and obsessed over Diablo 3… and now you have to!


But if you want to see something awesome that may intrigue you to buy the game, then click play 🙂

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okay… after reading what you wrote. and watching this video. im interested. when i have some spare money i might have to pick up a copy of this!

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