Friends with Benefits is the part of the site that’s designated to promoting the people that have helped Imagine Industries


Peter Hollens is a friend to Imagine Industries and has been a long time, personal friend of Josh’s.  You might recognize him from the show, “The Sing Off” where he performed as a soloist with his acappella group, “On The Rocks“.  You can see more of Peter on his website, where you can watch some of his fantastic solo work.
Chris Steinbacher is the uber-talented web designer who set up our site.  Without Chris, wouldn’t be the marvel that sits before you today.  Chris does freelance web design, check out his website if you are ever looking for someone to help you build a website of your very own…contact Chris!






Super Frat! Think Animal House crossed with the Justice League! With great power comes great irresponsibility.  The strip is updated Tuesdays and Thursdays and the blog is posted daily.


The Webcomic Factory is the Internets answer to the funny pages, featuring a mix of traditional comics, Japanese Manga and European styles.  New comics every day.  I would be shocked to hear that you didn’t find at least ONE comic, if not several, that you didn’t love on this site.
Sock Puppet Army is a webcomic about the lives of restaurant worker.  Being that both Jordan and I are still waiting tables while doing this comic, we can relate to a lot of it.  We’d like to thank the author for making an announcement on his site, supporting our launch, we felt the least we could do is return the favor.
Goeber and Cindy is a webcomic that chronicles the misadventures of a girl and her alien.  Whether they’re being silly or they are being silly, Goeber and Cindy always goes for the laugh…and in 3 panels no less!





The Family Crest is a webcomic about the adventures of a family that’s strangely normal…or normally strange, depending on how you look at it.  Creator Matt Ackermann’s daily slice of life strip captures the all too true humor that can be found in the typical American household and brings it to the page as well as any comic you might find in your  Sunday newspaper.  Luck for you, you don’t have to go out and get a paper, just click here and start enjoying.




Black Snow Comics is home to webcomics about drunken wannabe Detroit super heroes, arrogant super heroes who want to be famous movie stars, and several lesser titles which may or may not contain more super heroes!

Think Jordan is Crazy?  Think again, if you truly want a comic that you CAN”T predict, you’ll have to read Faulty Twin.  Do not presume that you know what Faulty will do next.