You, Robot

Josh | April 30, 2012

Never take your eyes off your opponent

Ok, so I should have known that Jordan would not only build a super advanced robot that was capable of karate skills, but one that would have a setting specifically designed to destroy me. I can tell you all that this robot may or may not have a purpose later in the comic and could play a huge part in the story… Just something for you all to think about 😉

I do hope that all of you are loving this string of singles comics. I know we did a poll a while ago about if you enjoy long story lines or the one at a time, but we try and do a little of both to keep it hot and fresh… I’m not really sure who I am right now. It’s 2:30am and I need to get up early for work. Keep it real Imagine Industries. Josh out.

Also, please please please, give us some love on Reddit and Stumble. With our last episode, Ten likes on Stumble translated to 800 hits 🙂

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Loving these, it’s like you’re getting back to your older work – original stuff. Imagine if Grand high master Lucas did the episodes which disappointed us all the right way. It should and could have been epic.

You guys are reaching the epic that he should have achieved.


I’m just enough of a nerd that ‘marshal arts’ in the second panel instead of ‘martial arts’ has seriously affected my enjoyment of this comic. Sorry guys.

Stumbled to this comic. Just letting you know “marshal arts” and “sparing” are the reasons I am not returning to this comic site.

Hey all,

Sorry for using the wrong words in panel two, it’s being fixed as fast as possible. I really try to catch all my mistakes before comics go up but as hard as I work and for as much as I’ve improved as I go, I do miss stuff. Sorry if I’ve ruined anyone’s enjoyment of our comic due to my oversight.


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