WoW vs Life (Part 3)

Josh | November 25, 2011

Happy Day after Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. I had to work most of the day but was lucky enough to be able to get off at 5, and go have dinner with my wife and our family. All in all, it actually wasn’t a horrible day, despite having to work.

So I want to know what everyone’s plans are for BLACK FRIDAY. I know some people LOVE to go shopping while others want to stay as far away from their human counterparts as possible. So what do YOU do on black Friday?

Lastly, just wanted to thank everyone for their write in’s to the Washington Post. We are unsure where we stand and I think we will get the results within the next week so we will keep you posted, but we appreciate all the wonderful support of our fans!! We love you guys!


Ok thats not just “A sword” that is FROSTMOURNE! Blade of the Lich King… Arthas found it in the caverns of dragonblight and corupted him into fighting for the legions of the scourge and ultimetely becoming the Lich King… Focus…

And you wonder why we rip into WoW….

But in all seriousness now, That isn’t a very good worship. You need at least an altar stone and in lack of that a small table covered in clean, well made cloth. Candles should be in a semi-circle with the Lich King sword in the centre.

First of all, what Joe is describing is not from WOW, its from Warcraft 3.
Second….WITCH! WITCH!!

That’s not very Original Sale, seeing as it’s only one of my titles. See if you can shout my other one three times fast.

Polytheistic ArchoGrecian Neo Pagan 🙂

THANK you Bra. 🙂 I appreciate you noticing. And Colleen, although you hate WoW, I do appreciate that you are critical of the shrine he has. Maybe he just busts out the candles to do a quick worship session, considering this is all happening at “work” and all…?

Found a continuity error. Sorry Sale love the drawings but the “greater than” sign should be turned the other way like it was in Part 1 of this comic arc. Same goes for Part 2 needs to be switched around.

Actually, it’s not an error, WoW Guy just changed shirts from his regular “WoW” fan-boy shirt to his ironic “WoW” fan-boy shirt…

That or Sale messed up. But that couldn’t be it…could it?

haha, I knew it! It’s not because I’m weak-willed that I keep crawling back to WoW. As an on again off again WoW fanatic, this story arc really struck a chord with me. Awesome job guys.

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