WoW vs Life (Part 2)

Jordan | November 21, 2011

Imagine Industries: The ‘Best’ Webcomic of 2011?

The Washington Post has an open call for nominations for Best Webcomic of 2011 and we here at Imagine Industries humbly request that you help our comic make their list. To nominate us, simply email them at and tell them why you think Imagine Industries deserves their notice. The link for the email is set up to make this as easy as possible for you so sending the nomination should take less than 2 minutes!

This is a major-league contest that could put II on the map. If we make their list of finalists, I will literally dye my hair blonde and dress up like Jordan. Then I’ll let Josh (who honestly already looks like Josh) kick me in the nuts. Don’t worry, I’ll post the video and pictures for all to see on the site… this is NOT a joke, I will do it!

The deadline for nominations is this Wednesday (in 2 days) so send those emails, ask your friends to help and get me kicked in the junk!

Also, if we actually win the whole thing, we might just have to produce some live-action Imagine Industries Webisodes to thank you guys 🙂

Thanks for your support, we would be nowhere without you guys!

And now, MY awesome musical guest for the post, Obadiah Parker.

Ok, now you can go back to playing Skyrim 🙂


What about those of us poor souls who do not have Skyrim yet? Unfortunately i had to pay rent AGAIN. Rude i know but if i stop paying rent i lose the roof over my head…..

I love the last panel guys, it’s epic 🙂

Still hate WoW.

Ha! Silly Colleen, I paid my rent LAST month.

I think the last panel is pretty darn Epic too, so thank you.

Colleen said, “Still hate WoW.”

WoW laughs, knowing soon it will get you and your little Jon too! Then it cackles maniacally as it flies away on its broom.

I shall never give in to WoW never you hear me NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WoW: I can feel your fear of me, Jon. Now, unleash your anger! Only your hatred can destroy me.

Jordan: No, Jon! That’s just what it wants!

WoW: Mwhahahaha!

There is no Horde, there is The Republic.
There is no paladins, there is Commandos.
There is no Orcs, there is zabraks.
There is no WoW, there is the swtor.

WoW can not stand against the power of the star wars fans 😉

Ok Its time to erase the hate… WoW affords me the opportunity to spend quality time with a very very dear friend who lives out of town that I other wise would hardly get to spend time with… its not just a soul sucking time sink so you all can just STFU

Im with Colleen no Skyrim 🙁 And is it just me or has Josh been the victim of alot of domestic violence….. Now i know you guys are in a kind of bro marriage but in Australia, Violence against women (Or in this case men) Australia says no!

WoW: Who are you?

SWTOR: HI! I just started playing! how do I get into one of those raid thingies?

WoW: Noob

WoW’s been on the block for 7 years, TOR is going to have to be as big as the Original Trilogy was to even have a chance of over taking it. Don’t get me wrong I think TOR looks cool but… I just signed a one year commitment to play WoW… and I’m not joking… they gave me an exclusive mount, a guaranteed beta key to the next expansion and a free copy of Diablo 3… now THATS hard to beat 🙂

I must admit a dark mistress has stolen hours of my time lately and that is SKYRIM!!! its far far better than paying Rent…

Skyrim IS a Phenomenal game, better than Oblivion IMO… its hard to make sequels or franchise continuations better than the originals but somehow Bethesda has figured it out and are amazing at it.

Now about the comic… LOVE it… Sale I especially love the art on the last panel, you’re skills get more amazing with each comic, well done buddy.

Thanks buddy.
Now as much as I don’t like WOW (and I really really don’t like it) I have to admit that it has set the standard and every other MMO is mostly replica of WOW. I can’t see any game in the near future that will do to WOW what facebook has done to my space. So like it or not WOW will be around for many many years.

Joe you and the WoW guy are one in the same right I mean you are him he is you so you are bond to stick up for WoW :). But in all fairness you are right the game has made alot of money and still is making alot of money. I dont like WoW and never will to me the best thing about it is the leroy jenkins video and that it. Like Sale said it set the standard for MMOs and most people (not me mind you) but most people would say it is the best and nothing to date has touched it. But then again you could say they are all elf loving weirdos I wont but I could :). I doubt SWTOR will come close to WoW in how much money it makes and there will be bits of it that are similar to WoW but the main reason I will be playing it is because its SWTOR and I love Star Wars.

Sale I love Star Trek… I’m not a “Trekkie” and I don’t go to conventions but I love it none the less lol

I would like to ask something of all the WoW haters here lol

1) Have you ever ACTUALLY played WoW?

2) If so, what did it do to you that made it leave SUCH a bad taste in your mouth?

I live be the tenet of “don’t knock it till you try it” So I’m just curious to know what generates this amount of dislike lol

oh and Bra you need to pipe up on the comments… you need to FOCUS!

1) I have watched people play WoW, and have their social lives literally walk away.
2) Life > WoW.

1) WoW guys shirt has no baring on my personal feelings of WoW. The shirt is funny for WoW nerds, but I completely agree with Life > WoW.
2) You just know stupid people. It’s not WoW’s fault people are idiots. I also know stupid people who’s lives have been ruined by WoW, that’s why I am not one of them. I have a good job, have a beautiful wife, have lots of friends and activities, one being this comic… you hardly have room to hate me for me playing a game a couple hours a week…

I also love Star Trek but I’m not a trekkie, I don’t go to conventions because we don’t have any conventions here, but I would love to go to any kind of convention 🙂
Now, I don’t hate WOW I just don’t like it. I have played it, more than once and it would take me hours to list the stuff I did not like so here is a couple of them:

1) I hate walking around for 30 minutes to find X number of things to kill/collect/ kill and collect
2) Almost every quest is go find X number of things to kill/collect/ kill and collect
3) I do not like how creatures just stand around waiting to be attacked.
4) This is what I hate the most(and it goes out to every MMO)it does not F!@#ING end, EVER.
Actually i just realised that all of those things go out for every MMO, so it’s not that I just dislike WOW, I don’t like any MMO.
And Colleen, I disagree with you, it’s not WOW’s fault for destroying peoples social lives, that’s just people being idiots 🙂

Ok time for me to open up my reign of comments to people… I will start here. Sale, your points are entirely valid and hating a whole type of game is perfectly acceptable especially given your reasons. I am not a fan of FPS. Why? Because every 12 year old plays them and decides to bad mouth you when they can play for 10 hours a day and I am a grown up with a job and real life…

I appreciate your point of view too Sale. And you add some good thoughts too Bra. To be honest I never even thought of it as a genre thing for some people but I totally get that… I think the slow building of a character and eventually getting more and more available too you as you progress is fun for me and then being able to have my own personal character that no one else plays as and grouping with other people to accomplish bigger goals I like. I personally enjoy FPS games but not a fan of playing them online like i used to, i actually am more into played the single player versions. I personally cant stand racing games or sports games etc. they are painfully dull and boring to me lol so its like that for everyone. I dont expect everyone to enjoy WoW but when people say “WoW is stupid, WoW sucks, WoW kills peoples social lives” that’s like talk to a friend who enjoys a nice game of golf and when he says “hey I’m going golfing this Saturday wanna come?” would you say “Oh not thanks golf really isn’t my thing” or “WHATS IS WRONG WITH YOU!? I HATE GOLF AND ITS SO INCREDIBLY STUPID AND WORTHLESS AND TEARS FAMILIES ASUNDER AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!”

One more point and this comment is done lol

I feel that WoW or any MMO can be addicting but its just like any other habit forming thing… I drink but I’m not an alcoholic for example… every person who drinks or even occasionally gets drunk is not an alcoholic… Its not WoW’s fault that people don’t know how to mix their leisure time playing a game with the rest of their lives

Hahaha and this is all very true. WoW is a super titan in the industry but I think that if ANYone has any chance of giving them a run for it’s money it’s a game that will be just like WoW for Star Wars fans. You really can’t go TOO wrong with that equation. That being said, WoW does have 7 years of fine tuning under it’s belt which just makes it difficult for all other MMO’s because people will be playing a game with certain things that are “broken” if you will, that WoW has already fixed. But we shall see… 🙂

I like star wars and star trek. When is the WOW movie coming?

The WoW movies is either a LONG way off or may (probably) will never happen. From what I’ve read this was more of a back burner idea from Blizzard and Sam Raimi said he would like to direct it but he has a list about a mile long of other movies he wants to do first lol so I wouldn’t hold you’re breath on that one… i know im not

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