WoW vs. Life – Part 1

Josh | November 18, 2011


Ok, don’t judge me. So maybe I play one of the most popular and addicting MMO’s in history… SO WHAT!! At least I don’t water board my best friend because I think he stole my chair… or have delusions that Tom Cruise is my cousin and I have some right to fame because of it… or play bucket bat with people dressed as priests… and I have a NAME…….

Yeah, I think that just about covers everyone in the comic of importance. Seriously though, if you have never played World of Warcraft, don’t start. Your life will never be the same. For better… or worse. And that sounds like a marriage vow because well… it kind of is.

And now for your listening pleasure. This has nothing to do with anything except I think it’s awesome.

Jordan | November 19, 2011

The Breaking Dumb

Ok, you are either going to see this or not, regardless of what I say but I have to say it. Twilight: Breaking Dawn is hilarious! I laughed out loud several times. Sadly, it was never at things the Director INTENDED to be funny (ok, one line from the wedding speeches was genuinely funny but I’m pretty sure it was ad lib’d). It is unrelentingly corny, the CG is a joke and there is this one scene where the Werewolves were having a argument in Wolf Form that reminded me of the kind of scene you’d expect from the film, “Air Bud”.

To be clear, seeing this film was NOT my idea but I did come into it thinking it might be alright (since the 3rd one was the best, or really least worst, in the series) but if I have to take some crap for seeing it, I’ll except that. I mean, I’d make fun of you 🙂

Imagine Industries: ‘Best’ Webcomic of 2011?

The Washington Post has an open call for nominations for Best Webcomic of 2011 and we here at Imagine Industries humbly request that you help our comic make their list. To nominate us, simply email them at at tell them why you think Imagine Industries deserves their notice. If we make their list of finalists, I will dye my hair blonde and dress up like Jordan and let Josh kick me in the nuts. Don’t worry, I’ll post the video and pictures for all to see on the site… this is NOT a joke, I will do it!

So send those emails, tell your friends and get me kicked in the junk!


Sale, seriously, the art in this comic…incredible.

Josh, it’s ok, I can’t judge anyone for anything because of my vast Transformers collection. Everyone has a guilty pleasure 😉

Ok whats with all the NAY SAYING!!! We are all supposedly self proclaimed geeks but someone WoW is taboo? Come on people 🙂

I am an open WoW-o-phile as Jordan put it and proud of it!!! I seems to remember a fellow name Titanforge that used to tank for the raid group i was in *stares at Jordan* oh how quickly you forget your heritage…

I have never, and will never play WoW. If a girl doesn’t have standards she’ll end up barefoot and pregnant married to someone named ‘Billy Ray’. There’s a higher class of Gaming and it includes anyone who does NOT play WoW.

Ok you judge WAY too harshly. Didn’t you read my post NOT to judge me? And IN MY DEFENSE, none of you ever suspected me as a WoW player until this comic. The fact that my real life balances out enough that you wouldn’t just pin that on me, I think, speaks as a positive thing. What sorts of games do YOU play?! Oh judgy Mc. Judge pants? 🙂

THANK you. This is a web comic and I am getting dumped on for playing a video game. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Jordan and I both try and put out great content every week so everyone can laugh a little, and now the laughing is AT me. Roooooood. Thanks for sticking up for me, Bra.

I used WoW not hardcore but casually, now I am into COD and play that almost exclusively online. Long live the Alliance

HAHA Jordan watched crappy sparkly Vampire series!

A real vampire doesn’t have emotions or sparkle…he rips out your throat and sleeps in a coffin. School? Why does someone 500years + need school? Maybe it’s because they are exceedingly STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!

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