World Of Warcrap (Part 26)

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Jordan | April 6th, 2011

Lesson Learned… sort of

We’ve drawn to the end of the WoW Arc. It’s taken us 3 months to produce and post all of them and, say what you will, at least we finished what we start. In truth, re-reading this whole arc, I’m really proud of how it all turned out. I want to take a moment to thank our fantastic artist, Sale Jovic. Without him, these comics would just be words on a page that no one would read. He has breathed life into our zany characters and built the World they live in with his own two hands. I hope, one day, that his new born son, Luke will appreciate his father’s work as much as we all do and forgive his pungent smell.

Josh is adequate…


I do think this arc’s ending is fairly autobiographical in that I quit WoW in real life cause I felt it was destroying my life and relationships, only to start playing SWTOR like I was somehow immune to the same pitfalls. As it stands, SWTOR hasn’t quiet taken me down, “The Dark Path” Warcraft did but it certainly doesn’t make life easier. I feel like MMO’s are like smoking. Sure you can be a smoker and live a full an relatively healthy life but you are going to pay for it; maybe it will just be the 5 bucks a pack, maybe it will draw you away from your life from time to time for your, “Quick Fix” but it might just kill you and the people around you.

Hey, you roll the dice with any addiction but at least mine has lightsabers.

Josh | April 6, 2012

So as this arc comes to an end I am a little sad because it has been quite an epic journey BUT I am excited for you all to see some of the singles comics we have in store. Jordan has had a string of awesome ideas that will soon come to life and we will be back in true II ridiculous fashion.

I wanted to make sure and share this video before our video game themed comic arc came to a close. Our good friend and supporter, Peter Hollens, just made a music video based on the intro song to Skyrim. He is accompanied by Lindsey Stirling on the violin and needless to say it is nerdy, and it is epic. I hope you all enjoy!



To Be Fair, Star Wars is obviously a purer influence than WoW, thus people still managing to maintain a semblance of life besides.
Still here, Still First, Still love you guys.


Thanks Colleen!

You’re right about SWTOR vs WoW, I think the reason is two-fold why WoW is straight up evil-er. The biggest reason is depth. At this point, SWTOR doesn’t have near the depth that WoW has built since it’s inception. WoW is so deep, you can easily drown in it.

Second, WoW is designed to require you to play every day or you’ll fall behind. Although, that is a bit of a repeat of reason one since I’m sure as SWTOR goes forward they will make their game have the same time requirements.

The New guy should not try to be so heroic or he is going to end up like all the new guys that came before him I mean look what happened to Kevin and that was just the last new guy.

oh yeah and is it just me or dose the WoW guy look like a hairless orangutan in the last panel

Good point, we could at any time replace kill off and replace The New Guy without batting an eye. I mean, we didn’t even bother to learn his name.

Just caught the final comic so I have to start from the beginning. I know nothing about video games so it’ll be an education, I’m sure. Thanks for your great work! It’s accessible even to a newbie like me. ; )

We certainly try to balance our writing to both be open for people who don’t know everything about the topic and be accurate for Super Fans.

We learned our lesson when we called Final Fantasy 6, “FF3” in our comic. We felt the Backlash.

In fairness, we were right if you don’t count Japan 🙂

Hello Josh,

Not really a gamer so the references are lost on my but I am loving the artwork.

Great artwork indeed, and I love the pizza slice too. Good humor in the second drawing, I’m pretty sure I’d be enjoying these guys as coworkers. 😉

This is pretty good. Thank you.

Thanks, I only feel bad that so many people came in at the end of the story arc and didn’t get the full context of what’s going on. I did link the first episode of this story right above my blog post for your convenience.

Peter Hollens sent me! Your comics are always hilarious! I need to subscribe for the updates! =)

Glad you like it. Besides bookmarking us and checking in every Monday and Friday (and we MEAN every Monday and Friday) you can always join our Facebook fan page, conveniently located to the right of my blog post above. Hope to see you on the page.

And yes, big ups to Peter for helping us out. He’s a very kind and selfless person and we wouldn’t be where we are without his help.

Loved the whole arc guys. I was laughing through out the whole thing! Keep up the good work! Ill be sure to try and brain wash a few more innocent minds to your cause soon enough! Currently also playing Starwars my current facial look resembles Jordans…..

Well, looks like you have acquired some more fans, sirs. Good work. Keep it up. Admittedly, I’ll be happy to see the II crew back in their regular routine.

This might be the most commented on comic on the whole site. So of course I had to make a comment too! The WoW arc was pretty cool and also I give the WoW guy maybe a few weeks before he’s back to worshiping a talking sword.

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