World Of Warcrap (Part 25)

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Jordan | April 2nd, 2011

War Of The Nerds: 2 Losers Enter, 1 Loser Leaves…

That’s right people, we finally have some action in this arc. About time too, we just hit 25 comics in this series and even some of our most hardcore fans have grown a little bored with the WoW stuff. Messaged received; after we wrap this up, we will be focusing on quick, single episode comics for a good long while.

Save Our Jerks

It is no secret that we have been struggling to find a big enough audience to keep our comic alive. As it stands, we will only be for sure running II until June 10th. Now we don’t want to ask for hand outs so we’re focusing on another possible way to keep our comic going but we need a little help. When we start running non-WoW comics next Friday the 13 (that’s not ominous or anything) we will be making a major push for new fans on Reddit and Stumble and if we can get even 20-30 upvotes/likes from you, our loyal friends, that could make a huge difference. We’re going to make it as easy as possible by settling up simple text links on our posts… like these below:

Vote for this comic on Reddit

Vote for this comic on Stumble

Again, the more readers we gain, the easier it will be for us financially to keep our comic up and running. We will also be doing Kickstarter and selling a hardcover collection of our comics to keep us a float.

And The Winner Is

Congratulations to faithful reader, Alicia Caissie, for winning last months fan comic contest. As her reward, she will be getting a personalized Avatar (assuming her parent’s didn’t teach her not to give out her picture to weird guys on the internet) and her likeness will appear in a episode. The comic should be out some point in April and I’ll make sure to give her credit in the post.

Although, it might point itself out since it, unlike the ones I write, might actually be funny 🙂

Self deprecation to close a post, classic Jordan.


YAY! For WoW ending and for me winning! Seriously looking forward to getting an avatar cause they are amazing! As to the pic thing, what they don’t know doesn’t hurt them 😉

Oh and Jordan, don’t worry your comics are funny! Otherwise no one would read this comic at all, see?

your comics are very funny! and i still enjoy this wow arc. not that i will be complaining about the stand alone when they are back.. its just that im simple to make happy 🙂 oh and congrats alicia! i could not make one that i was happy enough with to enter the contest.. damn it..

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