World Of Warcrap (Part 24)

Jordan | March 26th, 2011

Hail To The Lich King

Eat your heart out, Bolvar Fordragon. There’s a new Lich King in town.

Don’t miss the Epic Final Battle on Monday, where we’ll undoubtedly see Josh run through and his soul devoured by the power of Frostmourne… God, I love a happy ending.

In Other, More Shocking News…

My Parents just told me over a Yumm Bowl, that they are getting a divorce after 29 years of Marriage. Naturally, I assumed it was my fault, clearly they don’t love me anymore. Anyway, not sure what else to say, just sort of weird. Of course, you can’t expect me to be able to process this, I mean, I do come from a broken home.

In all seriousness though, WTF 2012!


Holy shit Jordan…..

Sometimes it happens but hope you are okay, feel free to vent through the comic and we will laugh with you.

Still don’t get half the jokes here but i’m sticking through kos i love you guys.

I’m totally fine. Thanks for the concern. And we are nearly done with the WoW arc so, no worries.

Ok Really Jordan? You wont do politically natured comics but you’ll post news of your parents divorce? You couldn’t be more loved by either of us….mom

Surely, you can’t claim to take responsibility for your parents marriage. You had no part in that; it happened with or without your consent, and with nothing you could do about it. A divorce is much the same way.

So why believe you had a part in their separation?

Not much of a consolation, perhaps, but just offering another perspective.

Hehe, I appreciate what you’re saying AB and thanks for your kind words. I feel bad now cause I was actually kidding about feeling responsible and I may have mislead you a bit. I was just saying all the things that a 10 year old might say when his parents divorce. Being a 28 year old, fairly well-adjusted adult helps a lot with handling… well, anything.

You’re a very good person for trying to cheer me up and you kinda did, not from the divorce but to hear someone care. Thanks!

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