World Of Warcrap (Part 23)

Jordan | March 26th, 2011

Logging Out Is Hard To Do

I was already a Hero in Warcraft… and now I’m a Hero in the real world too!

But in all seriousness, Josh would be dead if it wasn’t for me and New Guy would have undoubtedly became WoW Guy’s assistant. Can you imagine spending your day assisting a WoW junky? From 9 to 5 you’d be changing out bed-pan, going on snack runs and giving sponge baths between raids. Huh, maybe we should let WoW Guy borrow the newbie for a while after this whole ‘fighting to the death’ thing blows over… maybe New Guy would be a little more appreciative of everything we do for him (Or rather, don’t make him do for us).

Now that I think of it though, a sponge bath does sound pretty sweet. If you’ll excuse me, I have an underling to degrade.


I think he pulls it off, actually. The way he stands pants-less, with pride. Or at least relative ignorance. It is quite inspiring actually

So the underwear thing…

Basically, every great gamer knows that playing games is fun but playing them in their skivvies is the definition of luxury. It could only be better if Sale had drawn me in boxer briefs (I find tighty-whiteys constrictive).

Okay Jordan saving the day is indeed awesome but didn’t he say he was staying in game? And also guessing that New Guy was playing in a different room or something…? Logic a little screwed then again they were bending laws of time and space.

Hey Alicia,

I can clear this up. In the script, New Guy was tied up but Sale decided it didn’t need to be shown in the shot. As for Jordan, it is explained later but ultimately, he does decide to log out so his friends won’t face WoW Guy alone… it is one of his few selfless acts of the entire comic.

Thanks for keeping me honest, as much as our comic isn’t exactly “realistic”, I like to at least make it make a certain kind of sense.

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