World of Warcrap (Part 18)

Josh | March 8, 2012


Ok, so I was owned by the bear for a second time but that doesn’t mean I am down and out! This comic sort of feels like my real life right now. Minus the whole “Jordan being more awesome than me” thing. I may be jobless, and losing money, and having to move out of my house, and had to have surgery…but my superiority rings true through these trying times.

Few updates on the comic front! This arc is reaching somewhat of an epic stage, so I hope you are all excited for the climax (hehe…climax) of this epic adventure. As Jordan mentioned before we, as always, have some awesome things in the works for the future of II, granted we can keep this bad boy going.
Next, we just had another amazing podcast with the guys from twxxd and so hopefully we will get that sometime soon to share with all of you. Speaking of twxxd… we want to give a HUGE shout to them and a recent accomplishment of theirs! They just released a comic that got over 1,000 upvotes on reddit! That is a HUGE accomplishment in the webcomic world and here at II we want to give them a huge CONGRATS!!!!! Feel free to check out the specific comic here!!

Finally, a quick update with how my life is going since you have all been so great and supportive so far. My wife and I are moving into an extra place near my dads house for a while to save up the money that we have in savings to buy a home. Regardless of me losing my job, this is a smart move so that we can look into buying a house somewhere soon down the line. I found a job at a credit union that starts on Monday, so I am looking forward to not being a useless slob anymore (although… it was nice while it lasted). I am ALSO looking into the possibility of being *dun dun duuuun* an INSURANCE AGENT!!! Stereotypes aside I have a few friends that do it for a living and say they absolutely love it so I may be checking that out myself.
In the mean time, onward and upward!

Finally, I am going to start linking the reddit link I set up for the comic. This is a HUGE place for II to gain some fans and hopefully get us bigger every day! If you guys would all be SO kind as to upvote us on reddit, it would GREATLY help us out here! Thank you guys for your comments, support and love! HERE’S TO KEEPING THE II DREAM ALIVE!!!

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The II dream is what keeps me going through the day, I am glad you are still positive Joshie! We love you long time!

Hopefully this arc will be done, i still hate WoW and would love to see you boys somewhere far, far away from that stupid game…..

Aww, I had a few friends in high school that called me Joshie 🙂 I’ll allow it from you, BUT NOONE ELSE!

And this arc is awesome, even if it is about WoW 🙂

Well Jordan is being made the fool which is usually funny, oh and Josh? Whatever you did to the dragon to it to the bear already!

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