World Of Warcrap (Part 17)

Jordan | March 5th, 2011

Half-Man Vs Wild

I kinda feel like Drago the Bear in the comic is like the figurative bear that seems to be stalking and beating Josh down in real life. It is no secret that so far 2012 has not been either Josh or I’s year but as bad as things have gone for Imagine Industries and for me, personally, Josh has gotten it 10x as bad. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Karma, right? Well sure, a little but even I think Josh’s punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Let me set the scene…

The Rise And Fall Of Josh Lenhardt

At the close of 2011, Josh Lenhardt seemed to have it all, happy marriage, promising career, plans to buy a house and a fully-functioning website. Now it’s true, his marriage is just as strong as ever but the other stuff… not so much. First of the job which informs the rest.

Josh worked as a 911 call taker, a good paying, State job with fantastic benefits. He spent about a year just jumping through hoops to qualify for the job and then after a month of work he gets canned cause, as they put it, “He was too nice”. Now, I’ve been in trouble at work for all kinds of things; arguing, fighting, poisoning… but I was never in trouble for being too “nice” (although with me it was a good sign I was planning something).

When the job went, “bye-bye” Josh, though disappointed, wasn’t too worried. He knew he could always comeback to his old job whenever he wanted… except he couldn’t. Without giving any reason, his old Bosses decided he could not return, even though they had (and continue to have) other former employees come and go as they please (worthless ones in some cases). Needless to say, the simultaneous sting of being dropped by one job and not being accepted back by another disheartened Josh (which normally would give me a good laugh but for some reason, this time it just made me mad).

With no job and no clear direction, Josh and his wife had to give up their immediate plans for buying a house and starting a family. Worst still, with only one income, they are being forced to give up the place they’ve been renting for around 3 years and move in to Josh’s Dad’s guest room til they get on their feet.

I know what you’re thinking, “Josh having to live with his parents, now Jordan’s laughing, right?” Well, I would be normally but here is the twist in the story. The whole thing just makes me sad. I guess the idea of Josh having the World kick him in the nuts over and over and the reality of it are two different things (or maybe the problem is that I’m not the one doing the kicking).

Here is the last Chapter of this sob story. Josh has had to drop out of most of his work on Imagine Industries while working to get a new job and home. Ultimately this hurts II two-fold; we lose out on Josh’s Epic exuberance (honestly, we he’s on fire, it’s a thing to behold) and I am struggling to make ends meet on the financial end of the comic solo. I do not want to let 2012 beat us but II is a man down and the year doesn’t seem to be letting up just yet.

Now to make up for the downer story, here is a story of 2 women in love, you’re welcome!

Finally, the Inspirational Quote that has nothing to do with anything…of the week.

“They can take our lives, but they can never take our Freedom!”
-Mel “Crazy-pants” Gibson
(Back when he at least still made good movies)


Now that the post is up, i want Josh to know (if he can get online to read this) Dude, Life sucks hard gorilla armpits. Before i found my epic job i was unemployed for over a year and a half – and life was rough. All you can really do is carry on. Or you could do what i did and find a handsome British man to sweep you off your feet – but that may be awkward, what with the wife and all.
You need to take care of yourself, life going crap has to come back up again, that’s just the way of things. Here’s to hoping things sort themselves out for you soon.

How can you even be fired for being ‘too nice’? Isn’t that unlawful firing or something? From a 911 call taker position? Not much logic there. Also Josh killed a dragon how many times??? And he gets his butt whooped from a bear??? Still not much logic.

15 times total to get from Level 70 to Level 85. Regardless of his Level, however, Josh still had crappy gear and the Bear is both Level 85 as well and sneak attacked him.

Logic provided!

The post was not up when looked at the comic this morning and I got to say I am always being told no matter what job I am in that I have to be nicer to people and I cant just tell people to go away because there are stupid so how the hell can you fire someone for being to nice. Every photo I have ever seen of Josh he is smiling he seems like such a nice guy. I know I would want a nice voice on the other end of the phone if I called 911 not somebody who sounds unhappy. Hearing about how Josh is having a hard time is like hearing about puppy’s being found in a sack it makes you feel sad. But Josh will bounce back I have faith in him no one can keep that kind of happy down

i have called 911 a couple of time.. some fires at our house. don’t ask lol but they were nice and helpful. the first time i had called 911 was when i was like 16 17 and our house was on fire.. needles to say i was a bit freaked out. the lady on the phone stayed on and was super nice till the fire department got there. gotta say i might have done some thing stupid or just ran in circles looking stupid and sounding stupid. point is.. i prefer the overly nice to the detached going through the motions people when it comes to who i’m asking for help.

Oddly enough, I searched “bear vs. midget” and nothing came up on YouTube. If you guys can set this up, it could go viral…just saying 😉

Good times recording the podcast last night guys! Despite all the technical difficulties we made it to the end 🙂

I am just listening to a backed dated one of the podcast episode 44 I think. Its a good listen so far I like how Josh say we will never miss posting a episode for the fans. That’s because fans like me would die if you guys missed a day without give warning

Awesome webcomic! I especially appreciate that it’s displayed in a large size (there are far too many overprotective webcomic creators who only upload 1/18th sized versions of their work!).

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