World Of Warcrap (Part 16)

Jordan | March 2nd, 2011

Blow The Roof Off This Mother

I have to say, as much as I love to see Josh get picked on, he handled that Bartender the same way I would have… by overreacting and ruining his livelihood. Nicely done, sir.

Is it just me or is Josh much more entertaining now that he is fun size? The Napoleon Complex suits him, although I always pegged him as a “little man” deep down.

…you all get I am making fun of his penis, right?


So, I KNOW we have some clever readers out there with an interest in writing Webcomics but you wouldn’t know it with our Fan-Script contest cause we have yet to receive a single entry. Now, this is a double edged sword; it’s good for anyone who turns in a comic in the next week cause chances are they’ll freaking win but it’s bad for me cause I feel hurt that no one wanted to write an episode of II except me. I am still holding out hope that a slew of scripts will fill our mailbox but I’m starting to worry. Come on guys, bring the funny like I know you can.

No ME3 In The UK Due To EA, WTF!?

That’s a lot of abbreviation but what it boils down to is BS. When EA bought Bioware back in 2007 I worried about what the “put out the bare minimum to turn a profit” Masters at EA would do to the “make the best game possible” folks at Bioware and for 4 years I was surprised to see how few changes they made. When I heard the news that UK game stores wouldn’t be carrying EA games (including Mass Effect 3) anymore, I immediately thought, “There we go, EA has finally started screwing up Bioware” but apparently it isn’t exactly EA’s fault. As near as I can tell, the story got misrepresented in the press and it has less to do with EA and more to do with the UK store, “GAME” and their financial woes.

Now, I’m not a fan of EA at all and as much as this isn’t their “fault”, I still want to bash them a bit so here I go.

Madden use to be one of my favorite games but after year-after-year of releases that were little more than Roster Updates, I just couldn’t bring myself to rent (let alone buy) their games anymore. Seriously, I get that it isn’t easy to improve on a Football game but they don’t even try. The least they could do is work out a truly involved and rewarding Career Mode that made you feel like a real part of the World of Professional Football but why bother when it’s cheaper to just add a few players and change your box art, right?

The Sims is EVIL. There is no two ways about it. It’s a game where instead of improving your own life, you spend your time, energy and money improving the life of a digital character you design, cloth and build a home for, only to find you have nothing to do with them without buying expansion after expansion. I’ve fallen prey to both the Sims 2 and 3; logging hours upon hours in preparation for a life that never really goes anywhere (kinda like mine). The worst part is, if the Sims 4 came out in a month, I’d probably get tricked into buying it.

“Although, maybe NEXT TIME things will be better…” -Any Victim of Long-term Abuse

Finally, how could someone make a bad game about Harry Potter? I don’t know but EA did it 8 freaking times!!

What’s the deal, a Harry Potter game should make itself; you’ve got Magic, great characters and a fun World to explore and yet EA turns out crap every time without fail (well, with fail). What’s the magic bullet with Harry Potter games? Simple, make one where you’re not playing Harry Potter! How about a game where you make your own young Wizard and you live in the World of Harry Potter. It would give story writers a chance to come up with something related to but not exactly what happens in the movies and books,making the player feel like a real part of the story… instead of just going through the motions of an already decided plot.

But this is the problem, EA doesn’t WANT to make games, they want to make money. If they could, they’d just release the 5 good games they did make with a new box every year (I’m amazed they don’t produce the Pokemon series, btw). EA, and every producer of entertainment out there that are like them, are the enemy of creativity and advancement.

I just worried about what influence they will have on not only Bioware but the gaming industry as a whole.

It’s a grim future with EA at gaming’s helm.


I in the uk and I am really pissed off at GAME at store that I hate anyway but it would seem that they own the only other game store chain in the uk and now I cant get mass effect 3 they will all die for this the mother f#@$%*!!!!

I have not send in a comic because I cant think off anything to write about in one.

Blowing the pace up is total how you deal with people being dicks go one Josh

Also First comment haven’t had that in ages suck it everybody else

Way to represent, Jon. I am SURE you can come up with an idea for a comic. If you do (but can’t figure out how to word it) write me and I’ll try and help you develop it. I did the same thing with Adam Carr and the collaboration turned out great!

Sims2 is fun, did you know you can drown people in toilets? Also you can give your sims a disease by walking over a plate of rotting food – yay!

I want sims medieval…..there’s pirates and nobles in an expansion…..WANT.

Also, i’ve been writing a script, deleting and re-writing, which is my wont. I’m not sending in anything i think isn’t good enough 🙁

Well, even if you don’t want to enter it, if you ever want to send it to me, I’d love to read it!

Also, I love the idea of Sims Medieval but I feel like it will end up being more of the same. The promise of fun without that pesky having to deliver on it thing.

I will totally write an episode! I’ve just been super busy. And packing. And moving. And cleaning. And generally doing anything except sleeping or writing a script x.x Have faith! I will come up with something. I can’t promise it’ll be good but it’ll be.. something.

Hey… EA made awesome games and i say made because They stopped with the Need for speed…. Bloody Criterion games got their hands on it and ruined it. Jerks.

We’ll totally write you an episode soon, that’d be a lot of fun.

Also, awesome reaction there…reminds me of what I used to do in Morrowind to characters I didn’t like.

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