World Of Warcrap (Part 15)

Jordan | February 10, 2011

Power Leveling For Dummies

Well, that’s not the way I assumed that fight would go! My money was on a flaming Josh getting tail-whipped all the way to Northrend… and that’s without the Dragon using his fire-breath 🙂

Great Minds And What-Not

I wanted to share a link to a comic called, for 2 reasons. One, they write a damn funny comic and two, check out this episode. Do those guys look like anyone you know? Well, apparently the guys at twxxd had these guys BEFORE Josh and Jordan ever made their way onto the internet which leaves only one possibility, our characters are Time Travelers!

Actually, knowing both Imagine Industries and Twxxd as I do, that isn’t very far-fetched.

What’s next, Tim Cruise on Penny Arcade? Nah, they couldn’t handle the Cruise.


Exactly how it is done! LIKE A MO *Bad word* BOSS!!!

Thank you, sir!

(I’m commenting on Adam’s comment so I won’t get in the way of everyone else commenting on Colleen’s comment)

I can’t wait for some of Josh’s other Dragon distraction ideas just to see what a Dragon will be caught off guard by the last level ding.

Do bosses, NPCs and mobs in games like these remember what they went through in their previous lives? I can’t imagine they would, or a trick like that would never have worked. Or would never work again. Do they know that their lot in life is to die as fodder to lower level players? To be farmed, ground into a fine dust of EXPerience? Or are they blissfully ignorant that, as the last remnants of their digital lives are snuffed out, they will simply reappear for the next eager sellsword?

Maybe its better to imagine they don’t know.

Maybe I should stop pondering if pixels have souls.

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