World Of Warcrap (Part 14)

Jordan | February 10, 2011

Rise of the Pandas…Fall of the Warcraft

Am I alone in thinking that this Pandaria expansion is a bad idea? I remember way back when they added Pandas to Warcraft 3, so I realize that it isn’t exactly a new idea but somehow in WoW… it just seems somewhere between desperate and silly. Here is the trailer, I’ll let you decide for yourself.

I’m SURE that Blizzard didn’t just watch Kung-Fu Panda and say, “Hmmm, why not”.


Lol, i remember when you guys first talked about how they were adding Pandas…and i just laughed at how lame you have to be to play that game.

I mean seriously, How many people are going to join just for the Kung Fu Panda references? And how many will be over 40, preying on children?

WoW is still crap, in fact for those who haven’t already seen how crap it is….well only The Muppets can redeem this particular arc…

I love the hygiene displayed in this comic. Makes me want to drink at a bar….

I was just thinking that it was much nicer than the ones I have frequented. Although I was disappointed at the lack of a figure, watching from a shadowy spot in the corner. Seems a requisite in locales such as these.

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