World Of Warcrap (Part 13)

Jordan | February 10, 2011

You Guessed It…

Well, so much for the surprise revelation that Jordan’s Night Elf Girlfriend was not only a dude but the infamous WoW Guy in disguise. I’m giving official credit for the spoiler to the oh, so sexy, Jon Bayliss who called it within an hour of the Night Elf character being introduced in the comic.

You also may have noticed that if you click the “previous” button on this page you will not find the Whitney Houston comic but instead part 12 of the Warcrap Arc. I moved it and the V-Day episode to just before the WoW Arc so they wouldn’t break the flow of the story. We will NOT be doing any comics but Warcrap ones from now, until this story is finish… no more diversions, I promise!

Last thing I will mention, we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary and we intend to produce a Year One book of all the comics on the site along with some stories, episode notes and Sale’s sketches. We haven’t started putting it together just yet but I wanted you all to get the heads up. If it turns out half as awesome as I intend for it to be, your bathroom/coffee table will have a permanent fixture very soon.


When will this supposed book be released and will there be a collector’s edition available and what’s the price point set at? If we pre-order can we get a signed copy of it as well. What other kind of epicness could be packed into the book?

Great questions! Not sure about the price since we haven’t picked a producer yet (if you guys know of any sites you’d recommend, I’ll check them out) and as for a collector’s edition, we would be more than happy to do signed copies. The difference in price will simply be the extra shipping and handling between having the books sent directly to you and having them sent to us to sign then back to you. I kinda intend for the book to be packed full of extras so I think we will only be doing a collector’s edition but I guess we could do one with just comics and no extras if it will be notably cheaper for fans on a budget. I’ll know more soon.

Thanks for the great questions, Spittoon!

I’m more concerned about the pizza, at this point. It seems to have melted off the desk and is beginning to fuse with the carpeting. If it melts through the floor, it could cause severe structural damage…

On that note, I feel extremely sorry for the janitorial staff of II. Imagine having to clean up after Jordan.. -shudder-

what i’m concerned about is how it can smell like sex panther on that room! If josh was bearhugged in-game did the scent make it’s way through the connection into the office or did Tim make a ninja appearance like the invisible man?

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