World Of Warcrap (Part 12)

Jordan | February 10, 2011

Inebriated Dwarves Tell It Like It Is!

As if sober ones weren’t blunt…

So this is the episode that kinda got away from me. When I started writing it, I wanted this to be a minor sight gag. The idea of a group of drunken, chauvinist Dwarves feeding Josh’s distaste for Jordan’s new girlfriend was pretty amusing to me. But as I wrote it, their 1 panel bit became 2… then 3, until they basically got their own episode. Hope all the inside jokes about what jerk guys say about women who play WoW hit home for you. Unless you’re a girl who plays WoW and you’re hearing this for the first time. In which cause, no, we don’t ALL say this stuff behind your back…

(That should throw them off our scent, guys!)

Josh | February 13, 2012

Ok, to be fair I do know a COUPLE of women who are good for something OTHER than healing…but not many 😉 What can I say, they are just so good at nurturing my awesome self back to life while I’m dealing out all the damage. *covers self for inevitable beating in which is is about to receive*

YOU KNOW I’M KIDDING! On a serious note, I am going to start posting our reddit here on my comments for the comic, and would love and appreciate all the upvotes we can get! The more upvotes, the more people come and check out how awesome we are! 🙂 Just click here!!!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!


thats just awesome… you guys are fantastic. 🙂 i love this one mostly because i feel like i have been through that! you know budys saying “listen, this is what you need to go do” which ends in it being much worse…

Epic Arc becomes LEGENDARY!! Also I’m loving Josh’s Chopper and Handlebar ‘stach. It almost makes me want to trim my goatee into a chopper and grow some handlebars…. almost….

haha, this is soo true when it comes to women gamers. they all expect to be treated as though they are better than the rest of us gamers, but at the first sign of attack complain to high heaven about being attacked cause they are a woman.

Now I have done my bit to creep people out just wanted to say loving how cross Josh looks when he is talking to the dwarf and at the end how he has a look that says I just pooped my pants 🙂

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