World Of Warcrap (Part 11)

Jordan | February 10, 2011

Online Girlfriends: The Fastest Way To Digital Cooties

The unthinkable has finally happened, a female actually wants to be around Jordan. What’s next, a Mormon being nominated for President?

Speaking of Mormons, just listened to “The Book of Mormon” Soundtrack by the guys from South Park and absolutely loved it. Thanks for the recommendation, Sale!

What else… oh yeah! In this Wednesday’s While You Were Working, I announced that we are doing a Fan Script Contest where the winner’s comic will be made and posted for all to see. I really hope we get lots of submissions, if for nothing else I can take a few weeks off from writing and pursue my new passion… getting people to do my work for me. I’m today’s Tom Sawyer!

Now I have to watch I Love You, Man again.

Josh | February 10, 2012

Just a real quick note, I am FAIRLY certain Jordan didn’t watch the video he posted all the way through since all the talking is in Spanish… Joshequalsfail may have been too long but I think Jordanequalsfail is juuust right…. *sigh*

Jordan | February 10, 2011

¡Presidencial Regreso!

Four Score y hace veinticinco años, el padre de Josh fundaron en este continente, una nueva bolsa de duchas vaginales, concebido en la insuficiencia, y dedicado a la proposición de que todos los hombres son creados iguales caliente.

Ahora estamos inmersos en una gran guerra civil, probando si Imagine Industrias, o cualquier otra empresa así concebida y consagrada, puede perdurar el olor horrible de Josh. Estamos reunidos en un gran campo de batalla de esa guerra. Hemos venido a dedicar una porción de ese campo, como un lugar de descanso final para aquellos que dieron aquí sus vidas para que no tuviera que ver u oler Josh, una vez más. Es perfectamente justo y propio para que le acosar hasta que llora.

Translation: Suck it!

Josh | February 10, 2012

Why do I have a feeling you took the easy route and just put this into a web translator and pasted it onto our site… oh yeah cause we have NO WAY OF MAKING ACCENT SIGNS ABOVE LETTERS OTHERWISE!

Josh:2 Jordan:0

And Suck It? I love DX!! …wait….I suppose I get docked just for saying it out loud*sigh*

Josh:2 Jordan:1


If you guys want, you can upvote our reddit for today, will really help us out!!!!

Created a reddit account(I hate most technology and online things with a passion, just ask Colleen) just so I could upvote the epicness that is II. This comic is so much win, and is helping me stay sane at the moment.

Chris, cannot tell you how much we appreciate that! I know that online stuff can be a hassle for sure. Upvoting on reddit is one of the best things for us! We have great plans for this arc, and are very happy that we are help keeping you sane with our insanity 🙂

Not sure if Jordan is repping a Mullet or just long hair…. I say Business up front party up back!

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