World Of Warcrap (Part 10)

Jordan | February 6, 2011

That’s pretty much how I look in real life…

For the select few of you whom haven’t played WoW, Jordan is sporting the “Generic Human Male Body Type”. Basically, whether you are a powerful Warrior or a soft-skinned Mage, all Human males look like they’ve been training for the Mr. Universe competition. It’s one of the many silly things about Warcraft that I wanted to highlight in this arc.

So, we are officially back! Imagine Industries, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes returns to rock your world once again. If this episode seems like it’s coming out of nowhere, no worries, just use this link to get to the first episode of this arc.

As promised, here are a few videos that made me laugh while the site was down…

The best of people getting hurt… glorious!

See how many things in this video remind you of the ladies in your life…

Well, he’s got my vote…

I don’t know, I would have stuck with the Al Pacino one…

I loved this whole series of videos. If you like this first one, the rest are here.

Last one of these Batman spoofs, I swear!

Rest In Peace Greg “The best thing about Roasts” Giraldo

I’m the Daniel Tosh of the internet… wait.


Welcome back.

Thank you, sir… or ma’am (gender confusion is the downside of anonymity).

In all honesty, we might have given up if it were not for your generosity and support before the site went down. We hope your investment in us pays off with lots of laughs for years to come.

And if you need help again in the future, don’t hesitate to let me know. I will go to Hell and back (I’ll be sure to get some postcards) before I see this place go down.

I love your passion for II! We are going to try to continue on with the comic, profitable or no but the only issue is Josh is currently jobless. If he can find a job soon, everything should be fine. I know a street corner downtown where guys like Josh can always get a job…

You know, holding ads for a local business. Why? What did you THINK I meant? 🙂


To help kick off II’s triumphant return to the interwebs I have posted a link on Reddit, any other Redditors out there? follow this link, sign up, and upvote/comment on my post, lets get II to the front page!

Well I took my Reddit post down… I got told by another redditor lol I’m new to it and i guess my title was too much of an obvious plug… then I find out you guys have been posting all this time on reddit anyway… so Upvotes and comments coming your way 🙂

AWESOME BRA!! Thank you for the reddit upvotes! Yeah I make sure that is a part of my networking cause if we can get a good push there it could mean amazing hits for us. So the more upvotes the better! 🙂

Whoop! I’ve missed this comic, great to read it again, and with half an arc (I guess?) finished too. 😀

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