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Jordan | April 13th, 2011

We’re Fans Of Our Fans

Thanks to Alicia Caissie for writing today’s comic. It’s awesome to see what other writers would do with our characters! I hope we see more fan comics, not only from Alicia but anyone who thinks they’ve dreamt up a killer episode!

… you can even email me fart jokes, I’m a lonely, lonely guy.

Viral Video Of The Week

I was thinking we could do a new thing every Friday where we put up a video from the internet that we want to share. For our first official video, I picked literally one of my favorite music videos ever… sort of.

If you’d like to recommend next weeks video, link it in our comments or email us at contactimagineindustries@gmail.com.

Josh | April 13, 2012

Hello friends! I am here to make the shameless plug for helping us out in our comic! We are going to really start pushing our single comics and see who we can’t show that we are the greatest thing since sliced bread! (I really don’t see what the big deal about slicing bread was….)

So, to help us out…




These will help us get the word out so we really appreciate your support!


Hahaha I love that it seems so normal for Jordan to to have kitchenware on his head and a flashing hockey stick.

On another note that has nothing to do with this week comic I was thinking there should be a I.I themed party that would kick ass. The only problem I can see is that there would be loads of people dressed as the same people.

I think the Party is a great idea! You’re right we only have so many character but playing side characters would work too.

Mark Zuckerberg
Chuck Liddell
Alexander Grant
Megan “The Coffee Shop Girl”
Nicole “Head of Security”
WoW Guy… In Night Elf form
Usama Bin Laden (complete with Saxophone)
WoW Guy… In Lich King form

Or you could play Jordan or Josh in one of their many costumes
Josh from Social Code
Rebel Pilot Jordan
Josh in his Kiss Army Outfit

Or you could be a real winner and dress as Tim… just saying 🙂

I must know the function of that hockey stick. What manner of game is this?! It looks fun. And incredibly dangerous.

I’ll have to ask Sale. I have no idea what that hockey stick/helmet thing is for. My guess is it’s for a virtual hockey game that Jordan invented.

One of the small things that we kinda mention now and then but is important about Jordan is he’s an inventor. In the comic so far he’s tried to build a lightsaber and he built his Throne but as the comic goes forward we intend to highlight Jordan’s Mad Scientist side.

It’s also important for the stand alone story we want to release this year call, “Imagine Industries: Destroys The World”.

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