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Tim | March 25, 2011

God’s Gift

I’d just like to extend “wink wink” a formal greeting to all you ladies out there who are seeing me for the first time.  My name is Cruise, Tim Cruise and this is MY comic.  Jordan, Josh and that New Guy were just keeping it warm for me while I was off “On Location” for my cousin’s next big blockbuster!  Who’s my cousin?  Well, let’s just say he’s the biggest star on the planet and looks strikingly similar to yours truly…and has the same last name as me and his first name is Tom.  Give up?  It’s not a problem if you couldn’t figure it out my little pussycat, that just means you’re my type.  If you’d like, I could give a few more hints over some wine and caviar at your place…you bring the wine and caviar.

Just remember, when you’re with Tim Cruise, no mission is impossible except ‘not’ falling in love

P.S. You’re welcome in advance for our amazing evening together.  Also, sorry in advance for that one thing…you’ll know what I mean when it happens.


Lol I just wanted to tell you guys that I love the Tim Cruise character… Mostly because i hate Tom Cruise… just since I first heard the concept from you guys months ago I thought it sounded hilarious and seeing it come to fruition is a treat indeed 🙂

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