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Josh | October 28, 2011

Raise your Hand if you LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!

Also, raise your hand if you own every single episode of Dragonball Z on dvd….. *raises hand*…
Ok, JUST to clear a few things up in this episode.

1) I do have a smart phone that is better than Jordan’s. Before a couple of months ago that wasn’t difficult to do, because he was still using a flip phone from what seemed to be the mid 90’s. Thankfully he has upgraded to an iphone 4… but I just got the brand new 4s, so I am still ahead of the game. Suck it.

2) The punch I threw was not in any way shape or form a modified or barbaric version of Bucket-Bat.

3) Did anyone else notice what was going on behind the scenes of the comic?

4) Sale, I appreciate the cameo in this episode. Any time you wanna toss yourself into the background or the comic it’s ok with me. It can be like “Where’s Waldo” but far better, because you don’t dress like you’re trying to lure little boys to your house for a game of “Risk”. Although… I am FAIRLY certain that is a priest outfit you are wearing, but who cares. It’s all in good fun for Halloween right!….right?


um,FYI its not a costume, I’m there on official business. That’s right, someone is gonna get slapped!

There is nothing wrong with being sexually aroused by Transformers…NOTHING 😉

I don’t own all of DBZ but I wish I did. I also want to own those wigs.

this comic is AWESOME!!! I love SO much that Josh is Goku for Halloween lol and the fact that you had the changeable super saiyan wig is SO EPIC lol…

*Raises Hand* I proudly state that I have every episode of DBZ on DvD… I think its time to bust them out and rewatch them, perhaps while I’m grinding rep on WoW

Things I noticed:

1) Sale as the Priest 🙂

2) I assume Megan from Coffee Cabana is Cleopatra and I saw New Guy dressed as either Clint Eastwood from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly or Marty McFly from Back to the Future 3 seeming to hit it off with her and them leaving the party together…

3) Time Cruise dressed as Tom Cruise’s Character from Risky Business lol make SO much sense that he would dress as a Tom Cruise Character lol love it

4) I wasen’t sure who was in the Jedi Robe but from reading comments it must be John Super Fan Bayliss

5) Security Guard dressed as Boba Fett

One last thing Bra… Give props to the person who is the 1 reason you DO own all of DBZ on DvD

ok, this my be my favorite so far. as for DBZ on dvd, i wish i did but i don’t.. maybe its time to fix that 🙂

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