The Winner’s Circle

Josh | March 16, 2011

So in case you are living in a cave, Charlie Sheen has been quite the topic of discussion lately. I’m not sure what inspired it, but boy are we sure glad it happened. These events are sort of like when Bill Clinton was caught with Monica Lewinsky… or when Sarah Palin was running for office. They are pure gold for anyone doing any sort of topical writing. We normally just make our own story lines when creating the comic and go from there, but with the winners of the contest this week, we decided to take them and combine it with some current events to try and make something funny. 🙂 Congrats to all 3 of the winners Therry, Spittoon and Jared! And now a word from someone who has a brain similar to Mr. Sheen…

Jordan | March 16, 2011

Delusions and Dragons

In case you’ve missed it, Hot Shots: Part Deux star, Charlie Sheen has been the focus of a lot of media coverage lately.  Between his interviews and pod-casts, he’s said some pretty unconventional stuff that people with “Normal Brains” can’t seem to process.  Well, let me just say as someone with a fairly “Abnormal Brain”… message received Mr. Sheen.  You see, what he’s trying to tell his fans, you know the people who pay to see his shows and movies, that they have ugly families and live the lives of losers.  Unlike Mr. Sheen, who has magic in his fingertips and wins in every second, how can you people not get that he is, “battle-tested bayonets!” Perhaps if everyone spent the last decade exterminating every last one of their brain cells with any and every illicit substance known to and yet to be known to mankind, we could begin to truly “process” what Charlie is laying down for all of us.  He’s really like a strung-out Moses.

Moving right along, I’d like to point out that those new characters at the D&D table are none other than our contest winners.  Therry is our Dungeon Master, Jared T is our sprightly Elf and Spitoon is our Barbarian, thanks again to all three and everyone else who participated.


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