The Social Network – Part 18

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Jordan | September 19, 2011

Do A Backflip!

Dunt dunt duh! What’s going to happen next, I don’t even know…

Ok, I actually DO know but it’s still exciting for me to finally see this crazy arc finally start to wrap up. See you on Friday where we get to watch Josh get flambeed in The Chasm of Ultimate Death. I’ll bring the marshmallows 🙂


I hope Josh can retrieve the phone with the invite from the chasm of ultimate death. He was soooo close with the henchman. Good things never come easy. So that’s why I couldn’t get that Gmail address, Josh already had it.

I think we all know why that block landed on the head of the foot soldier. Bad grammar. Can someone say typo :p

Has Josh not only foolishly jumped into the chasm of doom, but he must be trying to take the role of Gollum away from Andy Serkis for the upcoming Hobbit. For shame Josh! Looking forward to see what other movie references you throw in there 🙂

But… Isn’t Google+ open to everyone now? ;o)

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