The Social Code – Part 9

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Jordan | August 19, 2011

Return of the Wise-Guy

To answer the questions you are undoubtedly asking yourself…

1. No, that wasn’t Samuel L. Jackson, sadly

Sam (I call him Sam because he is a close, personal friend) really wanted to do a day on our comic but he had some scheduling conflicts. But hopefully when that gig wraps (I think he called it, “When Hell Freezes Over”) he will be in our comic. Perhaps we should have told them we’d have some combination of aircraft and venomous reptiles. I’m sure he’d have JUMPED at that.

2. In the next panel of this comic, it would have shown me lifting the boulder with my mind. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t fit that shot into the comic. Worst still, the panel after that would have featured me dropping the rock on those snot-nosed brats that doubted my Power.

3. Yes, the comic IS better when I’m in it, I completely agree.

4. How did I know how to answer your questions before you even asked them, simple. The perfect combination of The Force and sheer, unmitigated Awesomeness. Oh and humbleness.

Bonus Answer

No, “Two and a Half Men” won’t be as good without Charlie Sheen. Lucky for me, the only Chuck Lorrie show I watch is, “The Big Bang Theory”…Sheldon FTW!

If you have any more questions for me about ANY TOPIC WHATSOEVER, do not hesitate to call upon my awesome, awesome Powers! Simply Comment and I WILL respond with THE definitive answer to your question.

You CAN (I mean, if you want to) also ask questions of Josh, Tim or even The New Guy!

[Disclaimer: Answers received from all non-Jordan members of Imagine Industries are subject to Epic Fail]

Josh | August 19, 2011

As you can all tell, Jordan is a little sad he has been out of the comic for a while, so I will let him rant and rave about his “epic return”, when in all reality he was only brought back so we could make a “tiny penis” joke.

As for Samuel L, he has cancelled our lunch dates for 8 weeks strong now… but once I pin him down I will make sure and ask him why he is avoiding our comic. We only want what’s best for our fans, and as Jordan stated, possibly mentioning “snakes” or “planes” would have helped. I mean, have you read our comic? It’s not outside the realm of possibility.


I have a question Jedi Master Jordan well two in fact first are you going to let that guy get way with hinting your hung like a Ewok. Second when are you going to write more of your epic star wars Kotor fan fic because I must know what happens.

Excellent Questions Jon,

First, little known fact, Ewok are very well endowed (They’re like a Furries dream). If I thought for a second he was making fun of me, I would’ve gone all Revenge of the Sith on his ass.

Second, yes, I fully intend to write more of my fan-fiction, “Ascent To Darkness”. I’ve been busy, it’s true (Being Awesome IS a full-time job, after all) but really, it comes down to bad time management on my part. If I put in the effort, I’d have a lot more done. I think I need to just start setting deadlines for myself like I do with the comic.

I will personally contact you the second I have more done. Thanks you so much for reading my work!


I am a little disappointed at the lack of very tight and dark coloured outfits. If you are anything at all like your cousin (like you claim) then for damn sure i want to see some bum shots while you lower yourself from the ceiling. Such an action could be easily inserted into many situations and i demand satisfaction!

Easily Inserted, nice.

My style is known throughout the coolest place in the world (i.e. New Jersey) as Pea-cocking, I’m not sure why they added the vegetable to the name but I assure you, it’s how you let the ladies know, “It’s On”. My cousin wears black cause he’s already ‘captured’ his special lady. Plus, I think he’s some sort of Minister with his Church now so, maybe it’s a religious thing.

As far as the, “repelling from the ceiling” thing goes, I’ve got the equipment (in more ways than one) and I’ve done it many times inside women’s houses (though never with permission). So far, I’ve gotten mixed results. The most common responses have involved Pepper-spray. But you know me, I like it when the girls get a little, “spicy”.

I have a question: Is Josh ever going to get a haircut? I mean it’s cool and all that he wants to try and look the grunge movement is coming back. Also, if he’s got a new job…what the hell is he doing in Iran on this adventure? Surely the background check is gonna pick up on that one. :p

Ok, first of all, the haircut is bitchin. BUT it’s not actually my real hair… I put on that wig to be inspired like the great Tom Hanks from “The Da Vinci Code”, so I am sure once I am done with this little adventure I will loose the crazy awesome haircut.
As for my vacation, they actually encouraged me to go. Once I told them I wanted to go on a grand social networking adventure to hopefully get my Google Plus invite (and then maybe have more friends….) their response, I believe, was “Little Iran? What’s the worst that could happen…?” I feel as though they have my best interest at heart.

I have another question for Josh and Jordan are you getting younger as you both seem to look younger on every new comic. Or have you been replaced by aliens that are wearing your skin and plan to brain wash all of us readers to help them take over the world.

P.s. I miss the New Guy

It’s far less sinister than all that…sadly. We’ve gotten a few make-overs since Sale started drawing us and as we’ve gone, we’ve changed a bit. I think Jordan has become more of a Cartoon Character than we set out to make him/me. And Josh has become more the Snide Straight (if you can use that term for Josh) Man (also a suspect word).

All and all, I love the way we look now so if we never age/change again, that works for me.

P.S. The New Guy misses you too but I doubt he’s upset to have both Josh and Jordan out of the office for a little while.

I really like the way you are being drawn now just had to make sure it was not aliens and I am glad the new guy misses me too 🙂

I was gunna say Tower of Babel in the previous episode but held back in case I was wrong. I am totally amazed at Jordan’s awesome use of the force & really sorry the next panel didn’t fit in. Will the small/tiny/miniscule penis be in the next episode so we can laugh at it???

“size matters not” … I love Yoda-speak! He lived for about 900 years but in all that time he could never learn simple grammar: Subject/verb/predicate. LoL!!

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