The Social Code – Part 8

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Jordan | August 15, 2011

Something To Get You In The, “Mahmoud”

Since this episode is the closest thing to an Act Break our comic has ever done, I wanted to mark the occasion with one of my classic post title pun thingys. Now that I’ve done that, here’s a little music to set the mood even further.

Wasn’t that nice? And quasi-related to the comic’s topic to boot. Synergy in action.

We Have Fans…I’m Serious

Normally when I write these post, I try to image that real people are going to read it but I kinda never believed it. Well, I have proof now. Between our record-setting (for us) 8,000+ page views on Friday and speaking with ACTUALLY, living readers on our fanpage like Jon Bayliss and Colleen McRae (whom btw are Awesome); I’ve really gotten a sense that we are doing something real here.

I can’t wait to show everyone the rest of these episodes, I can truthfully say, “They’re Epic!”

See you all on Friday!


“Who would willingly go into little Iran?”

We go there to confuse the terrorists. Duh. There’s no logical reason, Which is obvious to all terrorists and they do not understand what would move anyone to visit – therefore giving us a reason to go there.

It’s really very simple.

So… The terrorists are like a tourist attraction??? 😛

Only when we have guided tours through their secret hideouts. Thanks to the great troops who guided my group btw, i founf the comentary of “shut up, get the hell down” really made the experience ‘real’ for me 🙂

Does little Iran, have it’s own little Iran? And does that one have a miniature version? How small does this thing go? Is there a Smithereen Iran in there somewhere?!

All these little’s (Italy, Paris and now Iran) are based on something our art, Sale asked us when we were writing these. He said, “Don’t you guys have mini versions of countries in the United States?” I knew he meant places like Chinatown and the actually ‘Little Italy’ but I responded, “We’ve got every damn thing in America.” And now, at least in our world, we do!

You won’t catch me in a Rick Roll That easy Jordan, I’m uber pro!

Obviously a wooden boat wouldn’t be picked up on radar…unless it had a pirate flag. I demand you raise a Jolly Rodger!

Drat! Well, I might not be able to Rick Roll you but at least I can make you lose The Game.

As for the Jolly Rodger, it might not end up on the ship but my Wife and I have one over our bed if that gains us any cool points?

WOW 8000 visitors in ONE day!!! My highest ever was 489 & I thought that was awesome. You guys have a great comic going on here. There must be something they can do to attract women tourists. 24 hour shopping maybe…
Does the boat plane need water to land???

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