The Social Code Part 7

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Jordan | August 12, 2011

My Inner Artist

We’ve had several great comments about the high-quality of this comics art. I’d like to take even the smallest measure of credit for that but I simply can’t. All the art you’ve seen on this site so far has been created by our seemingly infinitely talented Artist, Aleksandar “Sale” Jovic. We’ve talked about it before but it really bares repeating; we would be lost without Sale. His talent baffles me. He is currently taking a 2 week vacation to Greece but fear not, Sale is such a bad-ass that he has already finished the next 4 comics before he left. So, no hiatus. Nor do you have to suffer though comics drawn by me or Josh.

Thanks Sale for your awesome, awesome work over these last few week and really since day one. Can’t way to have you back (well, back in Serbia) so we can get back to making great comics together! Until then, I hope you and your lovely Wife have a great time in Greece.

Of course, just because Sale is the one with all the actual artistic talent, doesn’t mean I can’t misguidedly try my hand at the visual medium. I’ve had a couple of ideas floating around in my head this week that are a little outside our normal thing here at Imagine Industries. I considered not doing these at all but, hell, what’s the point of having your own website if can’t indulge a whim or two.

So without further ado, my first ever Art Gallery!

I came up with this first idea about a month ago, when we started thinking up story ideas for the launch of Google Plus. I was sure this picture would be hysterical when I dreamt it up but now, I’m quite sure it’s not. Hehe, at least it’s related to the topic of this arc so, I kept it in the gallery…sorry if you hate it as much as I’m starting to.

And yes, I said, “Dreamt”. It’s the British style spelling of the word and I thought it looked classier.

This came to me a week ago, while watching, “America’s Got Talent”. These, “Judges”, whom aren’t even American by the way, make some of the most confusing and idiotic decisions I’ve seen on TV since someone decided to make these people Judges in the first place.

All in all, this picture makes me happy.

I came up with the last one today…don’t worry, my Wife thought it was funny.


Boy that monk is an angry little man. Love Sale’s artwork. That 3rd panel is so great & has such a 3D effect to it. Brilliantly done. I just showed my wife the pie charts & she gave me a slap up the head as she walked away. I thought it was hilarious. I like the evolution one.

Haha, anything but my pretty face~~~ 😉 Got a good laugh when I saw the pie chart. But, unlike Tony, I’m not brave enough to show it to my gf 😉

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