The Social Code Part 6

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Jordan | August 8, 2011

Eiffel Tower Smackdown!

As the Social Code starts to pick up steam, I’d just like to point out how easily I could have taken down the albino from, “The Da Vinci Code” if I had been there instead of Tim or Josh. First, I would have applied some standard Ka-ra-te technique to keep him off-balance, no big deal. Followed by a liberal application of Crane Style to get him right where I wanted him and finally, one skillfully delivered, “Touch of Death” to put him down for the count. Needless to say, I would have hit him with so many Tiger Paws he’d be begging for a Donkey Punch.

Moving passed my own clear fighting prowess, I’m currently training my body and mind at Jedi Camp this summer while Josh is looking for the Holy Grail or whatever. My Mothe…I mean, a generous, benefactor who’s identity is shrouded in secrecy, paid my way in and much like Luke Skywalker before me, the Masters said I was too old to begin the training, they also added words like, “creepy” and “sad”. Well, my powerful Jedi mind control and a strongly worded letter from my Family’s Lawyer, Barry (he’s very good) changed their minds in a hurry. I am now on the verge of unlocking my true potential and becoming one with the Universe…kinda like Goku but way more bad-ass.


Dang! That’s the best slap I’ve seen in a month or so. Glad it wasn’t me, sheesh! I’m really starting to like this comic a lot. Great work all the way around.

I really got to commend you on the drawings. Going to take me a bit o’ time to learn the characters but first impression is very good! The comedic posturing, expressions, ink shadowing is first-rate!

Howdy!!! New to this comic and I just laughed my ass off! Rotten Tomatoes? and Priest? Man, I can’t blame him for not watching! Well, I’m gonna go back and start reading through your comics. Good stuff! 🙂

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