The Social Code Part 4

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Josh | August 1, 2011

Is anybody else getting used to the wig my character is wearing? Because I personally am beginning to enjoy it, and am thinking about growing my hair out in such fashion in real life…

We all really hope you are enjoying the arc so far. I know that it’s hard to see where we are going with it all, but hang in there, we spent a lot of time with the story line of this and once it’s all over I think you will all agree the effort was worth it. I want to give a really big shout out to our artist, Sale, for this comic. If you all haven’t noticed, we have changed the format of our comic the last month or two. We used to be 9-12 panel comics, and have shortened them to 3-6 panel comics. The reason for this is, well people tend to stick around more if they can read a comic in a shorter time period. Aside from all of that, the reason I want to give props to our artist is not ONLY is he a super cool guy, but he comes up with most of the shot styles all himself. This comic, while only 3 panels, feels like much more because of the style and content. He put a lot of great effort into making this shot beautiful, and have it make sense with the writing. So with that in mind, a huge thumbs up and pat on the back to our wonderful and talented artist!
Thank you everyone for your continued support and sharing this comic with your friends and family! Jordan has spent the last couple of weeks watching all the latest and greatest movies that have come out. Let’s get a quick review of them to wrap things up!

Jordan | August 1, 2011
Harrison Ford…Still the Man!

I went out to see a couple of flicks this weekend; Captain America and Cowboys & Aliens.  Individually, neither film really blew me away but I did notice something that shouldn’t have surprised me in the least.  Harrison Ford Rules!  I mean, he has been acting for about 40 years now and I am constantly reminded of how compelling the guy is on screen. If it hadn’t been for Ford, I would be telling you right now that Cowboys & Aliens is a mess of a movie with random bright spots but instead, I am recommending this one on the strength of Ford alone.

Captain America; Nice Guys Finish Somewhere In The Middle

Captain America is a film I went back and forth on before seeing. When the first trailer came out I was skeptical. First off, Chris Evans already played a Marvel Super Hero in Fantastic 4 so that was a little off putting. On top of that, The Captain was never one of my favorite comic book characters growing up (that’s right, I’m also a comic book nerd, shocker) but then between the extended trailer that came out just before the release and several friends telling me it was the best Marvel Super Hero film since Spiderman 2, I got excited. Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, let me tell you, don’t set your hopes up too high. Captain America is a decent film that is a credit to its genre but it is NOT the second coming. It’s somewhere between really good and alright. I will say my favorite thing about it was they made the main character a good guy and really focused on that point. Most Heroes are motivated by vengeance or do good because greatness is thrust upon them but Steve Rogers is a genuinely good person who would fight for the right reasons with or without Super Powers…I liked that.

Hopefully next years Super Hero Films (The Avengers, the Spiderman reboot and The Dark Knight Rises) will out do this years offering but in all fairness X-Men: First Class was very enjoyable and both Thor and Captain America turned out better than I expected.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on Hero movies and just enjoy them for what they are…




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