The Social Code – Part 21

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Jordan | September 30, 2011

All For Not Completely Necessary

And here I was thinking Josh would be happy to finally get his invite…


but if Tim had given Josh that invite we’d never have seen Little Italy or Little Paris. there certainly wouldn’t have been the wonderful flight to Iran and the Tower of Babel. but i think at this point, Josh and Tim should be more worried about being arrested as spies even though they’re tourists…

hey…look at that, first comment…beat that Colleen 😀

That you did, Rob!

I have to say, I love what you wrote above. It almost makes our comic sound uplifting and important. And you do give me a great idea, Josh and Tim in a foreign Prison. Then they find out that Jordan has taken over as the new Warden…could be the next arc 🙂

I personally relate Josh’s anger to this video:

Don’t worry Jordan, it’s not Rick This time. But you will see him again…mark my words….

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