The Social Code – Part 19

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Jordan | September 23, 2011

More Awesome Than You Can Possibly Imagine

With two Social Networking giants toppled, the world saved, Josh rescued from his own blind stupidity and me joining the ranks of the greatest Jedi Masters in History, I think I’ve earned my little vacation at Star Wars Camp, don’t you agree?


Yes i guess so. Also Google invited Josh to Google plus, so he’s sweet.

I think i also know Jordan’s COA… was the tusken tater tots.

This combines two of the greatest movies ever star wars and indiana jones. how on earth are you going to top this comic?

hehe, stay tuned to Monday’s episode, I think we just might have topped it.

Staying tuned was never a problem I don’t put super fan in my name for nothing. I am on this site so much I am almost a creepy stalker 🙂

That’s what I like to see Jon 🙂 We appreciate the stalker status. Just don’t tell me when I run out of milk at my house, and we should be good… 🙂

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