The Social Code – Part 16

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Jordan | September 12, 2011

Apocalypse Rising

The world is ending thanks to social networking (who didn’t see THAT coming) and it seems nothing can stop it.  But who wants to talk about that, really?  I mean, did you see that we got new avatars?  Aren’t they awesome?!

I digress, as everything comes crumbling down around our heroes (literally), I can’t help but think that if only someone was there besides Josh and Tim, none of this would be happening.  I mean, I let these guys out of my sight for one awesome weekend away at Star Wars Camp and the dynamic duo of destruction damn all of creation to a biblical reckoning…nice work, dumb-asses.  Here’s my point, it’s clear to me know that we need new blood at Imagine Industries.  You know, some employees who WON”T end existence to get invited to google’s newest self-flagellating tea-party.  So, in a couple of weeks, we will be bringing back an awesome program to “hire” some new employees…more details soon.

Last thing I’ll mention, we got some great feedback for our “While You Were Working” this Wednesday with our “Top My Comic” contest.  Currently, we’ve had only 2 entries but  I’d love to have more.  So, if an idea strikes you and you’d like to share it, please kick me an email with YOUR vision for our comic (btw, you can do it with any comic, really.  And making us look stupid is not only allowed but encouraged).  Have fun and see you all back here on Friday for the next installment of, “The Social Code”

…assuming, of course, the world has been completely demolished by then.


Josh | September 12, 2011


Look at how devilishly handsome we are! Thank you, Sale for the great new avatars!
And don’t worry… Jordan is just jealous because he was the “star” for a while, and instead of signing his summer contract to be in the comic he decided to go away to a little kids camp instead. His loss, now Tim and I are on a most excellent adventure.


So…before the world ends, I was wondering if you happen to have a recipe for those Greedo burritos and Tusken Raider ‘taters? Sounds like the perfect meal to get one’s Force going for the whole day.

Oh, and about the comic…it would be epic if you spoofed Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. You know what I mean 🙂

And, just a guess here, but is Star Wars camp located in a GFFA? Cause there seems to be no apocalyptic mayhem going on there. Just wondering…

Wow Rob, I don’t know where to begin…

The recipes for both Greedo Burritos and Tusken Taters are here. bon appetit

As for your Indiana Jones idea/guess…The Force must be very strong with you, indeed.

I like to think that the destruction will spread out exponentially from the point of origin over time.

All in all, awesome comments Master Jedi Rob!

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