The Social Code – Part 14

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Jordan | September 5, 2011

Tim Cruise: The Ultimate Action Hero

Not unlike his “cousin” Tom, Tim is a man of action. Although, his actions aren’t considered to be heroic so much as crazy and off-putting…wait, are we talking about Tim or Tom here? You really have to give Tim credit though, I mean this weekend we learned that, although he talks a good game, Tim hasn’t gotten nearly the “action” he’s claimed to with the ladies and now he is confronted by a Female Killing Machine. His issues with the fairer sex seem to be piling up.

Tim |September 5, 2011

Who Ever Said That Women Are “Fair”?

First off, douche, you don’t even have the manhood to show up in these comics, guess they’re a little too dangerous for you. What’s the matter? Worried you might scratch up your “pretty” new phone. Secondly, I was TOTALLY joking with Josh in the last episode. For a guy who writes a supposedly “funny” comic, you sure don’t know a joke when you see one. I’ve made-out with literally millions of Women…perhaps Billions. There is Wilt Chamberlain, Hugh Hefner and then ME, right on top of the leader board. Obviously, our numbers are all dwarfed by cousin Tom’s but he’s expanded to dudes…just to pad his lead, I’m sure.

Oh and don’t worry about yours truly taking on the Super Tramp in this weeks episode. Just like any sweet Filly, you know that the Tim-meister going to break her. I mean, they don’t call me Tim “The Tool-man” for nothing.

Jordan | September 5, 2011


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s Tim Allen, not you. Although, in fairness, I have heard people call you, “Tim The Tool” before.

Josh | September 5, 2011
Me vs Zuckerberg = EPIC
That is all.


Judging by the weapons Josh and Zuckerburg are wielding I am anxiously awaiting a Cable Guy reference in the next comic…. down down down, red knights going down! down down down!

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