The Social Code – Part 13

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Jordan | September 1, 2011

Unlucky For Some

Ok, a few things to go over. First, this is the 13th episode in our, “The Social Code” Arc. I don’t believe in, “Bad Luck” per se but if I happen to drop dead before Monday’s comic, maybe you will. Second thing is, I did in fact get myself a smart phone this week. After reading all your comments (thanks for those, btw) and carefully weighing my opinions, I went with the pretty one! I’m now the proud owner of an Iphone 4 and am very pleased with my choice.

Back to the comic a bit.  Devotees may recognize this episode’s victim as none other than Facebook’s and Napster’s own, Sean Parker. We used him once before this arc, in an episode called, “In Your Facebook“. I bring all this up because I’m not entirely sure if everyone will know who he is and why, “what he did to the music industry” is such a big threat.  When I wrote Sean’s death scene, I was reminded of Justin Timberlake’s portrayal of Sean Parker in, “The Social Network” and THAT”S why his head swings all the way around.  What a douche!

Anyway, hope everyone loved the episode and I can’t wait to see you back here on Monday for the next installment…Assuming, of course, I’m not dead or we get shutdown by Facebook’s Lawyers 🙂


That fight scene is really well done! Good work 🙂

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