The Social Code – Part 12

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Jordan | August 29, 2011

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Still A Dick
Zuckerberg vs Paige! Facebook vs Google Plus! That’s right my friends…it’s on. With the Ultimate Social Networking Smack-down about to commence, I’ve only got one question for you….

What kind of Smart Phone should I get?

I know, it’s a little off-topic but I’ve been without a phone now for about 2 weeks due to my wonderful Son, Sylar, chewing through my charger cord. I had been rocking the free phone they give you for signing up for over half a decade and it’s time I upgraded. The question is, to what? Iphones are big right now but there are so many different types of phones to choose from that I need a little guidance. What kind of Smart Phones do you think are the best? If you have any strong feelings or opinions, just kick me a comment and let me know before I go get one in the next few days.

Josh: An American Success Story

Congratulation to Imagine Industries Co-Creator, Josh Lenhardt on his first day of his new, 911 Operator Job. To mark his “achievement”, I’ve awarded him 50 points and this neat, WoW style banner.


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As long as you are aware of the dangers of instant sharing then it doesn’t really matter, but you may as well get a blackberry.

Be very Aware of the IS epidemic – we don’t want to find out you’ve filched a pair of your woman’s panties for the day.

Well now we all know whether Elle Driver survived. Aparently upon finding Bill dead, she took up hire with Zuckerberg.

As for a smartphone to get…Blackberrys are good phones, and so are the HTC phones though they can sometimes have issues. Wait to get one till next month or October when the new models are usually released.

I have personally had at least one phone that has ran each of the big OSes (iOS, Android, BB OS, and WinMo). Of all of these I enjoy my Android phones the most, the platform seems to be the one that is getting all the developers right now. I would personally stay away from Windows Phone, i also really enjoyed my BlackBerrys, but they also suffer from lack of development tools, and iPhones are just too locked down to have any fun with and their hardware if also lacking the oomph that Android phones are enjoying right now.

Yes! this arc is really getting good now 🙂 I love how there is randomly a scantly clad chick with zukerburg lol was she intended to be Elle from Kill Bill? or just an obligatory leather woman…

As for phones I’m happy enough with my Blackberry but its main focus is as a business communication tool which I feel it does well with. The Iphone i haven’t used but most people are happy with theirs, however it seems like its more of a cool toy than a serious smart phone. Personally when I cash in my chips for a new phone I’m going to try android. The Iphone is good for people who like a sleek, cool phone for play, and the BB is more of a good solid tool but dosen’t have a lot of pretty colors. to me neither is right or wrong its just preference. Android seems to be a good mixture of both which is why i want to give it a shot because I’ll admit i do like some of the toys it has available to it lol

actually she’s a far more obscure reference than Kill Bill’s, Elle Driver. I was going for a Venture Brothers ref. Btw, if you haven’t seen Venture Brothers, you haven’t really lived!

Why don’t you ever listen to me. If you get a phone right now it really doesn’t matter what you get. They are all going to serve you the same purpose. If you wait a month, get the iPhone5. It’s gonna be amazing, as always. At this point in the smartphone race everyone finally caught up with the iphone, and now they are about to release a new one. You won’t tinker, you won’t game, you will chat, make some calls and that’s about it. I would just go iPhone anyways 🙂

That darned Twitter will be the undoing of us all. The Henchman slap up the back of the head is an nice touch.

It was a nice touch, but where i come from that move is dubbed a “love tap” and is given only to those closest to your heart. It’s a closer look into their close-knit society, but i’m not sure i wanted to know they were THAT close.

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