The Social Code – Part 11

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Jordan | August 26, 2011

Total Domination

So, the veil has been pulled back and Josh’s nemesis has finally revealed himself (in a rather, “Bond Villain-esk” fashion). Now, the only question left is, “Will Josh finally break down and kiss Tim?”

Cause you know, deep down…he wants to!

Tim | August 26, 2011

And who could blame him? I’m gorgeous! I mean, have you seen me?

Josh | August 26, 2011

Dream on… you know it’s far more likely that Tim wants a piece of this man candy.


Great use of the foot clan haven’t seen them in nearly twenty years, I’m surprised they still fit into there outfits

Well most of the clan was in their early teens when we saw them… based on the movie. So really they are just mid-thirties now.

Lol I like how the foot randomly works for Google

It’s completely not random… Shredder was no different from Larry Paige. Trying to get a bunch of young teenagers together to follow one path. Larry Paige just happens to have the money to make his monopoly possible. Imagine what Shredder could have been capable of, if he had the cash flow that Google does…

I knew there was a World Domination plan lurking at Google. I just knew it. I even wonder if World Domination geniuses Pinky & the Brain are the masterminds behind the whole Google company. You just never know…

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