The Social Code – Part 1

Jordan | July 22, 2011

Dan Brown, Eat Your Heart Out

In Josh’s pursuit of a Google Plus invite and of course, the truth, he has stumbled upon a world of danger and intrigue…basically we’re doing a Da Vinci Code Parody. There will be twists. turns and old characters that we haven’t figured out how to use in a while. So, prepare laugh and think as Josh attempts to uncover the truth behind an ancient secret that could shake the very foundation of the social networking world as we know it.

MMOMG Finally!

My long wait seems to be coming to an end and just last night, I was finally able to pre-order Star Wars: The Old Republic! For those of you whom don’t know, Bioware (the guys who made Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic) have been hard at work since 2008 to make a new Star Wars MMO that won’t (hopefully) suck. From everything I’ve seen and read, this game is going to rule. I personally can’t wait to play in a few months when it is released and if enough people want to, I was thinking about building an Imagine Industries guild. You know, like Penny Arcade did for World of Warcraft but with far, far less people. Anyway, if enough people contact us with an interest, we will see about making it happen. If you’d like more information on Star Wars: The Old Republic, check out their website. If you’re interested? Just Email Us or comment on this comic and based on the response, we will start making the arrangements!


I was sent a Google+ invite, I signed up, 2 days later I deleted my account. I am on Facebook & rarely use it so to me G+ seemed like another version of FB but a lot whiter. Josh isn’t missing much. The wig & little gold statue could prove more interesting than a social site though…

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