The Social Code – Epilogue

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Josh | October 3, 2011

I’m totally kidding of course, I actually rather enjoyed being the star of our first really big story arc! I hope everyone enjoyed our twisted, strange, and alternative way of showing the powers of “Social Networking”, and our take on Google vs Facebook.

There are a few small things to touch on with the wrapping up of this arc! First off, we will be able to show you some other comics where 1) Jordan is present and accounted for once again and 2) we can touch on some other things that, hopefully, you will all find funny. 🙂
Second, and more importantly, our friends over at Sour Pizza did a second interview of Imagine Industries! We had a chance to answer some questions to compare and contrast how far we have come since our first interview! We really appreciate the opportunity and wanted to share it all with everyone! So if you feel like a little something extra to read, and hopefully a few laughs (as always) click here!

Lastly, we have noticed many returning fans and faces to the comic. Jordan and I would like to give a huge THANK YOU for all the continued support from everyone! We would love to continue to spread the word of Imagine Industries and could always use your help! If you ever feel like posting our comic as your status, tweeting about us, telling your friends and family about us, or directing them to like our nifty Imagine Industries Facebook Fan Page!! where they can “like” us, we always appreciate the help! Because if you tell two friends… and they tell two friends… well you get the picture. Thanks again!

Jordan | September 30, 2011

Josh is…Right?!

I caught myself nodding along to what Josh wrote while I was reading it and then it hit me. That’s not right, that’s not right at all! I completely agree… What the hell is going on around here?!

The truth is, as awesome as writing the Social Code has been (and it really has been), I can’t wait to start doing single episodes again…at least for a couple months until…

Well, I can’t tell you THAT yet, can I?


I do want to touch on something that Josh mentioned; the quicker we get more fans, the sooner we can afford doing 3 comics a week. And believe me when I say, we WANT to move up to 3 comics a week!


The dynamic duo are back together tremble in fear new guy your peace is over

Oh and I love how the comic is being drawn now it seems to look even better every time a new comic goes up

I completely agree! The comic looks AMAZING! I can believe how lucky we are to have the Man, the Myth, the Legend, Sale working with us!

Honestly, when we first started writing this comic, we feared we’d be drawing it… And nobody wants that!

I think the witty remarks of the New Guy really brought this particular comic together. I look forward to seeing what you boys come up with – hopefully they include an explanation for Jordan’s joining the force and yet still being alive?

Question: How did Jordan become one with the Force and is now alive.

Answer(s): 1. He is SO POWERFUL that he was able to Astrally Project using the Force.
2. Jordan was wearing blue paint. See; Tobias Funke.
3. Force Resurrection using Clones. Same way The Emperor comes back in the extended Universe.
4. What happens in our story Arcs, stay in our story arcs.

Take your pick or invent your own, I’d love to hear them!

i’ll take #2 as Dr Tobias Funke is an ACTOR! he found his calling, although Lindsey and Maybee disagree. well actually the entire Bluth family disagrees. but, HOW are YOU?

He shoots, you all score! A great ending to a great story! I love how you twisted so many ideas together with the great dialogue and visuals. Looking forward to what’s coming up!

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