The People vs Josh

Jordan | April 11, 2011


I have always felt like I had missed my calling by not becoming a lawyer.  I’ve caught myself daydreaming on more than a few occasions about giving a seemingly unending and impassioned closing argument a la the great Denny Crane or Alan Shore that saved the innocent client from a life in prison.  Or demanding, “The Truth” from a hard noised Marine Commander who obviously ordered the Code Red, in front of a jury of his peers no less.

Sadly, between going into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt and spending 8 flipping years in college, I had to accept that being a lawyer was one of my dreams (not unlike being a Jedi or traveling through time) that is just a bit out of my reach.  Until of course, I got my own webcomic!

…It’s quite freeing actually.

Tim | April 11, 2011

Kaffee > Jessep = Pwnage

…that is all


DENNY CRANE! Thats who you reminded me off in this comic lol when I read the follow up I was like “yes… exactly” I love Josh’s face when Jordan’s is saying his ridiculously long name.

You might assume that in order for a parrot to be able to imitate the human voice.

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Maxine Pepperberg, The Alex Studies, Harvard University Press, England, 1999, pp.
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Moonstone: It helps to promote happiness and long life.

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