The New Guy: Irresistible Babe-Magnet

Jordan | November 4, 2011

Join The Imagine Industries Crew

Want to have your own Epic Avatar done by our very own Sale Jovic? Well, now you can! For a limited time, we are offering personalized Avatars done in our Imagine Industries art style for the low price of 5 dollars a piece (keep in mind they take 1-3 hours to make). Here are a few examples of what we’re offering:

They are awesome for social networking pages, showing off to friends and commenting on sites (make sure you sign up for a Gravatar). We are only charging so we can raise money to improve the site so really buying one is a win/win. You get a sweet Cartoon Avatar of yourself and Imagine Industries gets even MORE EPIC!

If you would like to order your personalized Avatar, simply email us with your request and pictures of yourself (or who you want the Avatar to be based on) to We accept payments through pay pal and you will not be charged until you are satisfied with our work.

Can’t wait to see YOU as an Imagine Industries character!

Josh | November 4, 2011

*chants*DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!
I want to say a quick thanks to my co-workers here on Imagine Industries. The training for my new job has been very intense and extremely time consuming and while I try and help where I can, the last couple of weeks has really been all Sale and Jordan, so thank you both.

On a semi-related topic, this comic has given me inspiration for next year and will in fact be dressing as Goku for Halloween and will be posting pictures… get excited.

Finally… THE NEW GUY?!?! REALLY!!!???


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poor new guy he is going to covered in burning trash oh well that will teach him for getting the girl.

Oh yeah and I love the first avatar sale drew of me because it makes me laugh as I dont have ginger hair. I have brown like in the one I uses now. But everyone should buy one of sales avatars they rock and come on its helping II and they are EPIC

It should also be noted that I don’t do pink and have blue eyes not green, But Sale and I already talked about this 😛

Sale is one of the best graphic artists I have seen, and I think you guys should jump at the opportunity to get one of these beautiful avatars!

Thank you both! Ya know, I don’t comment as often as I would like or as often as I should with all the comments of the comic, but I need you both to know how much I appreciate all your support each week with the comic!
I really hope we can get people interested in an avatar. Not only for the purpose of updating the site, but also it would be fantastic to have a whole community of people who comment and have personalized avatars! I mean, we are already on a good roll and hope that continues! Thank you two again so much!!

I LOVE THE HALLOWEEN COMICS!!! You guys these have been so great… and seriously F the new guy… you throw that burning trash on him, everyone knew Josh has the hots for the coffee girl and you don’t mack on another mans potential woman… in other words, Josh called her a long time ago… not cool new guy… NOT EFFING COOL…

In other news, I fully endorse having and avatar drawn by Sale, I think I’m going to buy one for my wife 🙂 and serious $5 bucks is a FREAKIN STEAL! everyone who doesn’t have one already should completely go for it, they could charge a lot more lol they are great for any social networking site etc. I have mine as my facebook profile pic now, I’m always self conscious about what to use as a real pic so having a cartoon one for me is really a great alternative.

And lastly… Bra… If you’re going as Goku for Halloween next year… I think its imperative that we find a Halloween party to go to together and I dress as Vegeta… now to talk our wives into being Chi Chi and Bulma… I think Butters could pull off green hair yeah?

Must be the glasses. Thick rim coke bottle glasses screams sexy. Ahem ladies, check my avatar for some sexiness. Awesome Halloween series by the way.

“I have grey eyes!”

“Let me see that sheet”

“well it says I have…well…it says I have blue, but I decided I wanted grey eyes!”


Love this comment! Big fan of Unforgotten Realms, in fact, next Halloween look for Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon and Eluamous Nailo to make a cameo! Screw it! Maybe sooner.

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