The Last One

Jordan | May 25th, 2012

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An Ending Of Sorts

Although this is the last new episode of Imagine Industries drawn by Sale Jovic, I want to assure you this isn’t the last episode of Imagine Industries.  We are going to be going through a ‘Jame Gumb style’ transformation phase from here on in but we are really going to try and do so without missing an update.  Also, for those of you who will miss Sale’s art, I would recommend re-reading our archive of over 130 comic of which, in my humble opinion, there are about 125 pretty funny ones 🙂

In fact, to Celebrate Sale’s work, I am adding a poll to our Facebook Fan Page where people can vote for and talk about their favorites.

Josh | September 12, 2011


Down but not out!


Well, even though Sale is all finished with the comic we are going to try and push on. The comic will not be the same without him, that is for darn sure, and he will be sorely missed. We have started this journey with him and honestly it feels very strange to keep on going without him. He has brought an amazing amount of life and light into the comic, I wish we could keep this trio together till the bitter end. Sale, we wish you the absolute best and know that you will be missed.

Kinda life Firefly


Although we are not fully canceled I cannot help but relate our comic to Firefly in several different ways. Our cast of characters closely relates to the people you learn to love on Serenity. You have Josh who is sort of like captain Malcom Reynolds… tries to be the voice of reason, is tough enough to beat up little kids, but is willing to step outside of “moral boundaries” now and again for the greater good. Then you have Jordan,who is a lot like Wash. He steers the ship and ultimately decides the direction we will be going at any given time and let’s face it… he is not only one of the main characters but he is everybody’s favorite. I can only hope for my sake that now that our first “season” is over and once we decide to make the movie, that he ends up dying a miserable death and leaving everyone a little sad. 🙂

Our comic has not taken off the same way we were hoping it would and to be as unbiased as possible I would put the quality of the comics we have against most other web comics online. I think that we deserve to be recognized…just as I am sure Firefly had a feeling of being overlooked. Once it was gone and off the air, that’s when people really started to get behind it and now it is recognized as one of the greatest television series of all time. We can only hope…

Well, keep an eye out for our post on Monday. As Jordan mentioned, we are not down and out yet and we are anxious to see what you guys think of the plan we have set out for a while. Please be honest with your feedback and let us know your feelings. At the same token, remember that we don’t have Sale anymore and we are doing our best 🙂 Kicking us while we are down… may make Jordan proud… but will ultimately not help us a whole lot 🙂

Thanks everyone!


sale you will be missed… 🙁 i hope he makes appearances in the future comics. so as not to forget the part he played in II

This the end of an era and I the super creepy II stalk…. uh I mean super fan will miss Sale and his awesome art. I am glade its not the end of II because I just could not take having to stop stalking all of you. I look forward to seeing what’s next oh and on a small note if you do try to stop someone lets say a male super fan might kidnap you and lock you in a small badly lit room and make you write II just for me.. cough.. I mean him

Maybe the crew of II could invest that fifty dollars into a lottery ticket and win enough money to send them on a vacation to The Overlook Hotel (The Shining coulsn’t happen twice, right?)

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