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Jordan | April 4, 2011
Transformers 2: A Retrospective on an Awful, Awful Movie

To quickly set the scene for you; it was midnight on June 24, 2009 and I was sitting in a theater next to my then girlfriend, Nicole.  My friend Josh (yes, that Josh) was in a different theater in the same building set to watch the same film, Transformers 2.  What came next was 149 painfully long minutes of pure, unbridled crap!  Bad story, god-awful acting, pointless dialog…just crap.  Even the action was horrible to look at.  I honestly think it looked like they were just throwing cars into one another with the camera shoved in 2 feet from the chaos.

The movie ends and people start to clap, which I personally find a bit ‘off-putting’ when the movie is good, so this crowd’s clapping was both infuriating and baffling.  Then, I received a text from Josh reading, “Epic!  That was the most Epic film ever!”

My response, “You’re kidding, right?”

Anyway, I will save the rest of the story for our dueling reviews of Transformers 2 and expectations for the third installment for our While You Were Working post on Wednesday.


P.S. I really have to figure out a way to set up a poll for this site so I can see how many people agree with me.

Josh | April 4, 2011

Yes, the first time I ever watched Transformers 2, I loved it. It was packed with action sequences and Megan Fox, so really what wasn’t to like? I must admit that since its release and upon closer inspection, I do enjoy the movie less and less. It did lack any sort of decent writing, the acting was awful (although I still do enjoy Shia Labeouf… he is a pretty talented actor), and the plot was fairly non-existent. In my defense, the first time I watched the movie, I decided what kind of movie it was going to be, set the movie filter in my brain to “senseless action” and enjoyed it for what it was.

Before I met Jordan I had the ability to enjoy all sorts of movies. When a movie begins there are signs to let you know if the movie is going to be thought provoking, serious, funny, etc, you set your brain to the appropriate filter and you watch. With people like Jordan, they strip any and all sort of enjoyment out of movies and throw them into two categories, good… or bad. We all have those movie critic friends that enjoy about 5% of movies that are released and everything else, as far as they are concerned, is garbage. Ok, maybe not garbage, but they will rip every movie apart and tell you every single thing that was possibly wrong with whatever film they see. Well, when you start to hang out with them enough you start to pick up on being cynical and it changes your view on how you watch movies. This is what has happened to me with Transformers 2.

I would love to see a poll up to find out who liked the movie THE FIRST TIME they saw it, and who hated it. As far as future plans go for the series, I am actually excited for the 3rd release. My biggest reason being, can it really be as bad as the 2nd…?


I love Josh’s face in the last panel, and WHO ARE YOU KIDDING?! Megan Fox is one of the foxiest women alive. umm ya. Honestly, I loved the movie first time I saw it. 🙂

Honestly the first time I watched it was on DVD and I too enjoyed it for it being the eye candy that it was meant to be. After having both transformers movies on my phone I have yet to make it through the second one a second time, and that never happens with me, if i like a movie enough to watch it a second time then I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Jordan and his movie nay saying. I enjoyed Transformer’s 2, I got it on Blu-Ray for Christmas after it came out watch it at home with mah lovely wife and had a pleasant evening. Did I text everyone I knew after about how epic it was, no lol. Unlike Jordan I have the ability to grade movie based on the intended audience and liking or disliking it “for what it is”… its not like Transformer’s 2 was an Oscar contender 🙂 Personally it falls into a category that I like to call a “one watcher” I saw it, enjoyed it, really don’t have any reason to see it again.

oh and I think it was incredibly rood of Jordan to knock Josh’s lego’s off his desk… SO not cool.

My hubby and I arrived here simply because this certain webpage had been tweeted by a woman I had been following and am pleased I made it here.

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