The Gender-Bending Story

Jordan | October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, Everybody…And I DO Mean Everybody

Ok, ok, not EVERYONE is in this episode but very nearly! We’ve tried to be make Imagine Industries something fans can actually BECOME a part of. We didn’t just want people to read the comic twice a week, we wanted people to be able to see themselves in our world. Between all the great emails, comments and Facebook chats we’ve had since we launched back in February, I’ve come to the conclusion that not only has our vision for immersive reader-participation come true but we have the best fans in the world…sorry, Tennis!

Jordan | November 1, 2011

Unleash the Podcast

As promise, here is the link to the Epic Podcast we did with the Oliver Bros from and Javis of Hope you have 2 hours to kill πŸ™‚


Jordan, did you get mad and leave the party cause Atreyu and Artax never showed up because the old couple by the Eastern Gate were throwing a cooler party? Or was it because Sebastian stood you up and failed to give you a name?

Either way, awesome comic yet again…i wonder if i’ll make it into the comic…

I would totally sneak up on people and put buckets on there heads so that colleen could hit them with a bat. I do see two reason why I really would not want to do it now.

1. unlike my fiancΓ©es I like star trek not as much as star wars but I still like it

2. Sale is awesome because he drew me in jedi robes.

The only reason I can think of for me wanting to help colleen play bucket bat with sales head is because he has drawn me as a short ass in both comics. And seeing as I am just under 6 feet tall I would have to had spent the whole night on my knees and they would have been really sore afterwards πŸ™‚

I Don’t have time for a full comment so I’ll get to that later… but for now…

Sale, PLEASE tell in the first frame that is Me and The WoW Guy both dressed as Vic Mackey from the shield… because if so…. I love you…

This. Is. Rad. Awesome as always, I lol’ed at this and got looks at my office. The costume is hysterical! Where is the like button?!

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