The Black Knight

Jordan | March 14, 2011

Skin Deep

With Human-to-Animal transformation happy Director Darren Aronofsky rumored to be taking over the Batman franchise after Nolan’s next installment, I felt like this comic was eerily plausible.

I re-watched the Dark Knight recently and wrote up a “While You Were Working” post but  so I don’t step on our big contest this week, I am going to post it today instead of Wednesday so you can check it out.

Jordan | March 16, 2011

We have a Winners…

Congratulations to Spitoon, Therry and Jared T for winning our first ever contest here at Imagine Industries!  Your reward is coming sooner than you might think.  This Friday we are doing a very special episode that you don’t want to miss.  Thanks again to everyone who participated in our “Top 5 Releases of 2011” contest!


Effing Joel Schumacher indeed… you guys hit the nail on that one with that… get it, nail, cause i work construction… ooooooooooooook

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