The Beta And The Omega

Jordan | October 26, 2011

While You Were Winning

Hope you liked our first ever Wednesday comic. I want to say at the outset, we are NOT doing it every week…yet. We want to, we really do but at this point we are merely testing to see if we can pull it off. Fingers crossed!

The Beta That Almost Was

Well, from today’s episode you could assume that our friend Spittoon (seen here being a bad-ass Barbarian) got into the beta for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which he did. Also, you could assume that I, Jordan, actually got to try out the game I’ve been dying to play since 2009…well, I didn’t :(. Sadly, Spittoon’s beta key only lasted one short weekend and I had to work but in anticipation for the hangout that wasn’t, I wrote an episode…this episode. I missed my window this time but it won’t happen again.

Soon, Star Wars: The Old Republic…soon.

The Bucket List

As devotees know, on Monday we introduced the world to the greatest game ever invented, Bucket-Bat. As the League’s Senior Vice President in charge of Bludgeoning, I set up some rules for the game but now it’s your turn to add some. Please, comment with what rules YOU would like to add to the sweet science that is Bucket-Bat. I will post all the official rules soon 🙂


you guys are going a darn good job with this! im laughing every time i read them 😀 and i hope that i get to read them on Wednesdays some time soon!

Force lightning seems to have come from Jordan, but he’s not old. I thought being old was a requirement for that ability (see palpatine/dooku)

Yes the fact that the only people who use it are old is just because the there are only two sith at one time in the films and vader could not use it as I guess it would muck up his life support. I am not sure how star killer can use force lightning as he is not a sith he was but not anymore and the use of force lightning lead to the dark side. To use the force to take life is the way of the dark side then again he may be evil in the second as I still have not yet played it. Clearly The Old Republic has led Jordan to the dark side and now we should call him Darth wiggle or something as he not all that scary for a dark lord is he 🙂

Starkiller can use Force Lightning (as can anyone Force-user that learns the technical) because Force Lightning, in itself, is NOT truly Evil, it is its applications that can be Evil. They cover the concept of Force Lightning as simply a Force Power in Knights of the Old Republic as well as the Jedi Outcast series.

That being said, yes, Darth Wiggle will work nicely 🙂 Especially cause I’ve always found the singing group, “The Wiggles” to be horrifying!

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