The Avengers vs The Whedonverse

Jordan | June 11th, 2012

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The Fight Of The Century
I’ve been a big fan of Joss Whedon for over a decade; so when The Avengers came out and became a Mega-hit, I was of two minds.  Part of me said, “Finally, the mainstream audience, that he has always deserved, will see Joss’ genius!” and another part said, “Screw all these people who are suddenly coming out of the wood work and saying Whedon is great!  Where were they when Serenity didn’t have the box office numbers to bring back Firefly?!”

They are both, relatively, valid feelings but ultimately the knee-jerk, a-hole side of me needs to squeeze his stress-ball for a bit and let my more accepting side take the wheel.  There are many great things about The Avengers; the films great, it might dethrone Cameron’s duo of C+ Box Office Leaders, and, possibly best of all, it will introduce the rest of Joss Whedon’s works to a huge, new audience.
And maybe, just maybe, it will finally convince Michael Bay that big budget, action movies can be both over the top and good.  Or better yet, he’ll just give up altogether and we will never have to stomach another Transformer Garbage-a-ton or another Transformance from Shia Labeouf (Seriously, has anything he’s been in NOT sucked out loud?).


Ok, ok, ‘Disturbia’ was passable and I never actually watched ‘Holes’ but still…



You for got some of his other characters, like the Toy Story crew, Dollhouse, and god forbid Rosanne

I considered adding a few more people but decided to stick with a more, “Core” group of Whedon mainstays. You’re right though, Buzz Lightyear would have been funny.

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