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Jordan | May 14th, 2011

Yeah, I Drew This Weeks Comic. Want To Fight About It?!

I first have to give all the credit for this weeks episode to our Artist, Sale.  A week or so ago, Sale sent me a very cryptic email telling me to draw Jordan and Josh; once just standing together and again, with their hands up.  Surprisingly enough, I didn’t bat an eye at the strange request and knocked out some pretty awful (although, pretty good for my skill level) doodles.  A few hours ago, I received the comic you just read above.    At first, I assume like many of you, I didn’t know what to make of a comic written in Serbian.  I immediately thought, I’ll ask Sale to tell me what they’re saying, but after reading it a couple more times I came to the conclusion that not knowing made it all the funnier.  So, without further ado, I bring you…

Possible Translations of This Weeks Comic:

The Easy Answer:

Josh: Does that guy have a gun?

Jordan: I’m not sure, let’s preemptively raise our hands!

(Jordan and Josh put their hands up)

The Insane Answer:

Josh: Babies Taste of Pancakes, no?

Jordan: Raise an arm for each child you’ve devoured!

(Both Raise Each Arm)

The “All Hail, Sale” Answer:

Josh: How shall we best worship our Master, Sale?

Jordan: Let’s start by raising our hands then, immediately after, drop to our knees and praise his name!

(Step One: Raise Our Hands Into The Air)

Missing (Step Two: Drop Our Knees)

Missing (Step Three: Grovel)

Missing Final Panel (Sale Sits On His Throne, unimpressed by the guys’ efforts.  With a flick of Sale’s hand, he has one of Female Honor Guards remove Jordan and Josh so they might fight to the death for God-King Sale’s amusement.)

Next Weeks Episode:  Josh kills Jordan with a Trident, only to be horrifically gored by the antlers one of Sale’s Mythical, yet Battle-hardened, Bilgesnipes.

The Next Episode After That: New Guy Finally Has Some Peace And Quiet At The Office.

The Final Episode: Sale has his Bilgesnipe trample the New Guy,Tim Cruise and the rest of the II staff; once and for all proving his indomitable power.  Afterwards, Sale sets his sights on ruling the rest of the World.  Sale laughs maniacally as he watches his unlimited Army of Fantasy creatures fan out across the city, bringing destruction and death to all they encounter.  Sale looks back to the camera and winks as the credits begin to role.

… I love a happy ending 🙂


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