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Jordan | June 20, 2011

Running On Empty

Doing this webcomic so far has been unbelievable; some things have been surprisingly easy and others surprisingly difficult, but moreover, nothing is ever exactly what I expect it to be.  This particular comic is a great example.  I had a very different idea for this comic starting out but our artist, Sale, did something a little different and in my opinion, much better.  For starters, this comic and our last comic were a single, much longer comics that Sale suggested I trim and split.  Secondly, the car in my head (though was still relativity close to the characters, about 30 yards) was much further away than Sale drew it.  After looking at it the first time I thought, “Ugh, that isn’t what I had in mind”.  Then after a second look I decided it was WAY better this way.

You see, the thing you can’t always predict in a collaboration is how the other people you are working with will interpret your ideas.  Sometimes I get massive laughs and support for jokes I didn’t even like that much and other times I get a negative response to the jokes I was proudest of.  What I’ve learned is that sometimes what I think is best isn’t always as great as it could be and that the simplest ideas can sometimes be the most profound.  The more I put into this project, the more I seem to learn about myself as a writer, co-worker and friend.  I want to thank my 2 partners in this project for working with me and helping me (and letting me help them) make this the best comic it can possibly be.

Bust A Move

Well, I’m moving during the week so I won’t be online to answer comments or emails.  That being said, Josh and Sale (as always) will be available for all your II needs.  I personally can’t wait to get this move behind me so I can refocus on entertaining you guys with my silly little comic.

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Turning back may be the best option. You gotta start off small & work your way up because you don’t wanna over do things & be sore the next day. 3 yards from the car is a good small start. Baby steps, that’s the way to do it….

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