Start Your Mourning Off Right

Jordan | July 18, 2011

And the, “Mother of the Year Award” goes to…

I make a point of trying not to follow current events (honestly, it is just too depressing) but no matter how hard I try to turn a blind eye, somethings seem to force their way through.  Casey Anthony is a prime example of that. I just couldn’t help myself from commenting on the trial’s results in my own special way 🙂

Dance, Dance Resolution

So, Josh fired back…good for him. And he got the ammo he used from my own Brother, Quinn…perfect. Well, good news guys! I won’t be getting any measure of revenge…at least, not yet. No, I will bide my time until the proper moment and then, well you’ll see…you’ll all see.

So, Quinn and Josh, laugh it up, drink in the sweet embarrassment you’ve visited on me and sleep tight in the knowledge that you’re both safe and sound…for now.


Josh | July 18, 2011

Alright Crazy

Wow, well I certainly didn’t want to upset Jordan like that. If I had known how upset he might be, I would have never posted that video…what video you might ask? Well, in case you missed it, just click here.

You scare no one Jordan,


Guys I love the comic. I’m proud of you for not taking the “politically correct” easy route lol sometimes good comedy has to ruffle some feathers, keep it up 🙂

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