Star Wars: The EXTRA Special Edition: Return of the Douche-bag

Jordan | October 17, 2011

Redemption Only Goes So Far…

Sure, they can forgive Anakin killing Obi-wan, heck they can even forgive him kicking off his 20 year Dark Lord run by murdering an innocence batch of Younglings but what CAN’T be forgiven is Lucas cutting Hayden Christensen into the last scene of Episode VI.

A Strongly Worded Letter To George Lucas:

Hi Mr. Lucas,

I want to start off by saying I’m a fan of your work. I loved Star Wars since I was 5 years old. In fact, I’ve seen Episode V more than any other movie in my life. I like the fact that you care so much about the Star Wars movies that you made three whole new Star Wars movies and though I didn’t love them the same way I loved the Original three, I did enjoy them (especially Episode III and the Duel from Episode I).

Now, the hard part…

You need to stop FUCKING with my, and all of the other fan’s, childhood! What you’ve done with the Original Trilogy has turned our once awesomely ‘ahead of its time’ series into a joke. Knock it the hell off! If you want to fiddle with the Star Wars Universe, please just make new movies or write a Novel. But once you put out a movie, that needs to be it.

With Respect,

Josh | October 17, 2011

Haha… I really enjoy this comic. Mostly because Anakin really is a huge douche. 🙂 Oh, and even though I am not AS big of a Star Wars fan as Jordan… I 100% agree.


I fully agree with your letter Jordan, it seems familiar to the one you sent those lovely camp councillors for the Starwars Summer Camp. Did your mother write this one as well?

The cold brush off technique demonstrated so well. It looks like C3PO is peeing on that Ewok

That’s cause he is. It was tricky to make it subtle enough to look like it, without being obvious. Nice catch 😛

…dude…not cool..I can assure you it is an accident,and Jordan stop making us look like a bunch of perverts…couse we are totally not…I don’t have a secret desire to see a droid peeing on a little furry creature…I really don’t…shut up!

The words “douche bag” in any context with Yoda is sacrilegiously hilarious!!! … I agree, with the no-more prequel stuff. John Williams’ theme at the beginning of the first Star Wars (’77) still is the best feeling I get with any movie.

Tho I would offer that if Phantom Menace was not such a muppet-happy, soft movie then I think the rest of the prequels would have been better received IMHO.

I am so glad you pointed out the atrocity that Lucas committed by sticking Hayden Christiansen into the original Return of the Jedi… I have often touted episode 6 as my favorite of the series and to see the glorious ending all messed up like this is just sad. And to go beyond that, he also changed the music and added scenes from Coruscant and such just messed up the whole jive of the ending. ANOTHER thing that doesn’t make sense, when the Jedi Masters are gazing upon Luke in approval of his victory over the Sith, Yoda is old, Obi Wan is Old, and Anakin is young!? how does HE rate, he gets to be one with the force for all of eternity as a young-un and the other two don’t? Ugh I could go on for days but I’ll leave it at that. AWESOME Comic 🙂

Hahaha, funny, never thought it that way. Yeah, why would Obiwan wanna chill with Anakin? Good point, and very funny. I also liked Yoda’s “Mmm… Kinda Rock, we do”:)

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